Super Dividends

Dear Reader,

Hi, I'm Mike Ward, founder and publisher of one of the most widely respected financial research firms in the country.

I've spent months putting this briefing together to show you a way to use the dividend mechanism of companies to potentially get a payout that equals 14 years' worth of dividends in a single day...

And in some exceptional cases as much as 35 years' worth of dividends in a single day.

It's a way, under an extraordinary dividend loophole... to collect a huge cash payout that companies willingly hand out to people on the list to receive it.

Say, for instance, you now own a company that pays you a modest $1,000 a year in dividends.

Now consider how much money you could make if that company paid you 14 years' worth of that dividend in a single day?

That's a lot of money.

And in a moment, I'll show you how to get on the list for an upcoming event that has the potential to pay out that 14 years' worth of dividends all at once.

For me personally, I'd want to be an individual on the list to collect that. It would give me a lot of options I don't normally have. And for you, too.

You might choose to:

Cash payouts like the one we anticipate (over $16,559) have been kept secret by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for decades.

For the most part, these Super Dividends, as the IMF officially calls them, have been reserved for high-ranking insiders within the closed world of international finance.

Executive board members (as you'll see) deal these to each other back and forth, to accumulate extreme wealth.

Please be aware: These large Super Dividend payouts are called dividends. But in practice they're something entirely different.

They're more like a unique cash delivery method for people inside of select, connected companies.

It's the only way a board of directors can legally "approve" such large payouts for themselves – by calling them "dividends" on paper, and doing some "creative" accounting in the back office.

If you know how to get on the list to receive these payouts, you can do very well.

Folks like Lance Warner in Ohio used this method to collect an instant $7,940.

In California, Nate Friedman used it to collect $9,939.

And in Tennessee, Kevin Hill used the method I'm going to show you today to collect an impressive single-day payment of $31,250.

The guarded secret behind these payouts is that you don't have to be a member of the board to receive them. Anyone can get in on this, if you know what simple actions to take – and exactly when.

As I said, this briefing will show you how to get set up for the next event, without being a board member of a large company. It will only be available for a short time because of the high demand to receive these payouts. So please listen closely.

As the publisher of a financial research firm, I see a large quantity of information.

Handbook on Security Statistics

But until recently, I didn't know these payouts existed, or that everyday people could get on the list to receive them.

It all began when our Chief Investment Strategist, Keith Fitz-Gerald, showed me this handbook from the International Monetary Fund...

It looks like what you'd expect – a dense, hardly readable report called the Handbook on Security Statistics.

It was here, at the back of chapter 6, that I first saw the term "Super Dividend," coined by the IMF.

Super Dividends‚Äč

The brief paragraph that followed explained that these payouts from select companies were too large to be considered dividends.

Now, because this is an official report from the IMF, this activity must be reported on...

But there's no requirement that it be explained in detail for people outside this small inner circle.

And that's the point. You're not supposed to know exactly how these Super Dividends are making ultra-connected, international financiers rich...

For that, we needed to dig deeper.

What our research found is this: Super Dividends are single-day payments from a small selection of "connected" companies.

And these payouts can be as much as 142 times the size of their quarterly dividends.

I'll repeat that. Super Dividends can pay out the equivalent of 142 quarters – 35 years' worth of dividends – all in a single day.

To put this in perspective...

The S&P 500's average dividend pays 2.4% over the course of a year.

Super Dividends

And one of the biggest "special dividends" in history was from Microsoft in 2004.

That historic event paid out 10.9% in December of that year.

But Super Dividends – paid through the dividend mechanism of companies – can be 691% more lucrative.

Super Dividends

Just imagine: The equivalent of 7, 10, 14... even 35 years' worth of dividends arriving to you in a single day.

We discovered a $9,804 Super Dividend paid out to a man named James Luck in San Mateo, California.

In Maryland, Barbara Andrews saw a "Super D" reward her with an instant $30,626.

We found a $69,000 Super Dividend paid to Allan Thornberry in Columbus, Ohio.

And in Kearney, Nebraska we saw a Super D issued to Ryan Carpenter that was more than $142,000.

As you can imagine, the size of these payouts got me very interested.

We found the IMF discussing them in internal documents and in private meetings for more than a decade.

And we're talking extremely large numbers coming from the IMF...

Since 2008 this organization has loaned out $188 billion dollars.

That money works its way through governments and eventually to contractors, financial institutions, service providers and big, connected companies.

It's an enormous, interconnected network of money – and a lot of people profit from it.

As the publisher of Money Map Press I had a critically important question...

Is there a way for average people – people who are not part of the closed-door world of international finance – even those with little or no experience investing...

Is there a way for them to capitalize on this knowledge?

According to our Chief Investment Strategist, Keith Fitz-Gerald, the answer is yes.

You see, Keith's goal was to find a way to predict when and where the next Super Dividend would take place. In essence, a way to shadow the International Monetary Fund.

Now, in case you don't know him already, Keith is one of the most respected financial analysts in the world.

He has 33 years of experience on Wall Street and in international markets. He's traded money for one of the biggest firms in the U.S. He's a bestselling author of the book Fiscal Hangover, which made a big splash on the bookshelves.

And he's one of the few independent experts in the world who applies computer algorithms to the financial markets – creating an unprecedented 92% winning record on those recommendations.

Fox Business, CNBC Asia, BNN and BBC all call on him regularly for his expert predictions on the markets.

So when Keith reports on something as big as Super Dividends, it's critical to pay attention.

And in this instance, Keith has identified a fast-approaching Super Dividend that he predicts could pay out $16,559.

First, it's important that you understand how these massive payments are even possible – and how they can be predicted with accuracy.

To determine what makes a Super Dividend

  1. Pay out large sums of money...
  2. Establish when it will occur...

Keith had to analyze every single "regular" dividend since 1980.

That's more than 450,000 instances.

This required the help of a sophisticated computer algorithm...

Which established five factors that consistently determine when and where a Super Dividend is going to be paid... and approximately how big the windfall could possibly be.

These five factors were in play when Westlake Chemical paid a Super Dividend worth 7 years of income in a single day...

All five were in play when Syntel paid a Super Dividend worth 9½ years of income in a single day.

And you could have found all five before the Kroger Company paid a Super Dividend worth 35 years of income in a single day.

Payout Factor #1:
Mammoth Insider Ownership

In a way, this makes perfect sense...

If you're the CEO or board member of a big, publicly traded company... you got there because you... want... to... make... money... Big Money.

I'll tell you a story T. Boone Pickens uses to illustrate this.

Pickens wrote about an executive meeting at a major oil company where a board member suggested that the company should pay an unusually large dividend.

In T. Boone's words, the CEO responded...

"... with typical managerial disdain for shareholders: 'Have you lost your @#$%&! mind? Why would we give people we don't know a bunch of money?!'"

Now that's an exact quote: "Why would we give people we don't know a bunch of money?!"

It may be an ugly truth, but that's how many large, publicly traded companies work. The board members are in it for themselves.

The bottom line is this: Any good company will pay a small dividend as a good business practice. It might even pay a special dividend in a very rare circumstance.

But I don't consider Super Dividends to even be dividends at all.

They're too big.

The only way you're going to see a company hand out a Super Dividend is if the largest chunk of that money is going right into their pockets.

Now, it's slightly different for each industry...

But generally speaking, you will not see a Super Dividend unless 20% of the company is held by the board members and key executives.

The next factor is just as important:

Payout Factor #2:
The Right Dividend Structure

When Keith investigated the 450,000 dividends since 1980... these Super D payouts stood out like a sore thumb.

In the record they appear as dividends because they use the dividend mechanism of public companies to distribute the payouts.

Now, there are a number of different structures a company can opt for to pay dividends.

But only two of them allow for payments as big as Super Ds.

The most significant one here is coded CRSP 1272.

According to the Center for Research in Security Prices, each number in that four-digit code stands for something.

In this case the first number (1) means that it's considered an "ordinary" dividend, as opposed to a "liquidating dividend" or a "reorganization" or a "subscription right." (This is key to saving you money, as you'll see below.)

The second number (2) means that the money is paid out in cash in United States dollars.

The third number (7) means that it's considered "extra."

And the fourth number (2) means that the payout you receive is taxed at the lowest possible "dividend" rate. For many people, that will mean substantial savings.

So far, these factors are pretty straightforward. Yet here's where things really started to get exciting for me...

Payout Factor #3:

It sounds simple... yet it's one of the keys to this whole phenomenon.

In order to pay a Super Dividend, a company has to be accumulating large hoards of cash.

There are a few reasons why they'd be doing this.

They could have been concerned about a lawsuit or a potential patent battle...

Maybe they were considering buying out a rival and thought they'd need cash at hand to finance it.

Whatever the reason, the company accumulates a giant reserve of cash.

When a company does this, it's not as obvious as it sounds.

The accountants aren't just putting that money on the balance sheet as "cash" or "retained earnings." They're spreading it around to disguise it in the balance sheet.

Companies can easily overstate bad debts... hold extra-large reserves for warranties or R&D projects... understate accounts receivable... or even hide huge windfalls they receive from "extraordinary gains," such as the sale of land or equipment or patent rights...

That means that a sizeable cash position is hidden in the balance sheet.

Only the accountants and the board members know the truth...

That in fact the company has $50 million, $100 million... and if it's big enough, maybe $500 million – in cash that they can tap into if and when they need it.

Now here's the important part.

For whatever reason – the lawsuit goes away, they get the patent cleanly, or the buyout falls through – they no longer need to hold onto the cash they were hoarding.

All of a sudden the board members have millions – if not hundreds of millions – of dollars that could be going straight into their pockets.

That's when the company is primed to pay a Super Dividend.

It's one of the features that makes this opportunity so exciting. The cash these Super Dividends pay seems to come out of nowhere.

Often tens of millions of dollars going to the people on the list to receive their share.

Yet being profitable and stuffed with cash isn't enough... even if they have the right insider ownership and the right dividend structure.

After looking at 450,000 examples, Keith found that true Super Dividends only occur in a relatively small circle of companies. And that's what led him to...

Payout Factor #4:
"The Ownership Network"

These huge Super Dividend payouts only happen in a small circle of companies. And that circle is well connected.

Keith found that each of the companies that has paid Super Dividends just happens to be in the same "ownership network" as the International Monetary Fund.

Let me give you some examples, starting with the banking sector – one of the most closely tied to the IMF ownership network.

I'm not talking about your mom and pop banks around the corner. I'm talking about international banks.

One of the companies that paid a Super Dividend last year, for instance, was a big French Bank, Natixis.

It paid out a single-day Super Dividend that was 550% bigger than its usual dividend.

Then look at defense contractors... another industry tied into the IMF's ownership network.

We found a Government Defense Contractor, Loral Space, that issued a total of $42.60 per share in Super Dividends to shareholders last year.

That represents a 68.99% yield at today's prices. In a single day.

And again last year, we saw Western Resources pay a Super Dividend equal to 4½ years of quarterly dividends... in a single day.

We saw a technology company, Electro Scientific, pay a Super D equal to 6 years of dividends... in a single day.

When I talk about ownership networks, you might think I'm just talking about the network of influence within the IMF.

But the truth is, when you start digging, you'll often find that a board member of a company that paid a Super Dividend one month...

May just happen to be on the board of directors for another company that pays a Super Dividend the next month.

This just happened in the apparel industry.

Now in this instance a board member of an apparel company voted to give himself a Super Dividend one month.

This one was worth about 3½ years of regular dividends paid in a single day.

Then he turned around and voted to give himself a more than 1,000% Super Dividend spike the next month from another apparel company.

So it's not just that these companies are well connected. It's that they're interconnected inside the ownership network.

We've just covered four out of the five Super Dividend factors that account for these single-day windfalls.

And using just these four factors we can determine who has the potential to pay a Super Dividend right now.

Let's look at Keith Fitz-Gerald's most recent analysis...

He starts with 8,696 publicly traded companies from the S&P 500, the DOW, the NASDAQ, and the OTC exchange.

First, he runs the insider ownership factor. That narrowed the list down to 957 companies.

Next he looks for the dividend structure that's needed for a Super D. That got us narrowed down to just 60 companies.

Now we're looking for the cash... the overcapitalization. Who has the money hidden in their books to actually pay out a Super D?

Here Keith's analysis gets us down to only 28 companies.

Super Dividends

Now, if you remember, the next thing we have to look at is the ownership network.

Who out of these 28 companies is in the right network? Who has the potential to pay a Super Dividend?

When Keith ran this analysis, this factor alone narrowed the list to just 6 target companies.

So how many of these 6 are going to be the winners, how big will they be... and when?

That leads us to...

Payout Factor #5:
The Trigger Event

The trigger event can be as big as a geo-political upheaval, or it can turn on the whim of a CEO striking at the opportunity to pull cash out of the company.

Let me show you a few examples so you see the kinds of triggers I'm talking about.

Earlier this year Alacer Gold Corp was positioned perfectly to pay a Super Dividend.

Super Dividends

It had 20% insider ownership. The right dividend structure. And we know – compared to the rest of the industry – it was overcapitalized.

But they still needed a trigger event.

In April of this year, they sold one of their mines at an enormous profit. It was just the trigger event they needed.

What did they do when they were loaded with that extra cash? They paid a Super Dividend.

People on the inside like Todd Holder collected $36,000 in a single day.

Look at Westlake Chemical in Texas.

Super Dividends

Everything was in place. It had 70% insider ownership, and the right structure and overcapitalization.

Now, Westlake is one of the biggest chemical companies in the world. They're tied in everywhere.

So what was the trigger event?

In October of last year, it announced a $240 million expansion project that would increase its production by 40%.

Directors knew this extra capacity was going to flood the company with capital.

So what happened a month and a half later? They paid a Super Dividend.

And those who were positioned right were able to capitalize on it.

Matt Lichty, an automotive professional who was on the list at the time of the payout, collected $31,450 in a single day.

Here's another example.

Syntel was positioned just right for a Super Dividend.

Super Dividends

It had 62% insider ownership. The right dividend structure and overcapitalization.

And they're a major international player in information technology. They outsource their labor to a lot of countries that the IMF is heavily invested in. So no surprise they're in the ownership network.

When they came out in the third quarter and announced huge profits and unexpected growth, it was just what they needed to trigger a Super D.

People on the inside like Nathan Rains, a logistics professional who was on the list at the time of the payout, received an astounding $27,720.

We can go a little further back to 2009.

Franklin Templeton had 36% insider ownership... it had the right accounting structure... plenty of cash burning a hole in its pocket... and it fell perfectly into the IMF ownership network.

But still, it needed a trigger event.

Well what happened that year?

Super Dividends

The House passed the giant Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. And Franklin could have been vulnerable to the financial chaos created by our government.

Why lose money to regulation when you can put it in your own pocket?

Had you seen this coming, you could have been one of the few people who was positioned just right.

In this case, we have an instant $38,322 Super Dividend paid to Diane Ira, a former HR professional whose connections got her on the list at the right time.

But like I said, these Super Dividends are not a recent phenomenon.

You can trace them back for decades.

And when the next Super D pops, it has the potential to pay out an astounding $16,559!

But before we go over the details of that event, there's one last Super D feature we need to cover: The timeline for the payout.

The average time from identifying a Super Dividend to pay out is 39 days.

That's just an average. Sometimes it happens faster. They can pay out in 13 days.

But we've also seen them take 105 days – a little over three months.

Yet keep in mind the size of these potential payouts.

We're looking at the potential to collect a 5-digit, even 6-digit instant cash reward... in a single, one-day event.

That's the blink of an eye for something with the potential to be $15,000, $30,000 or even $60,000, or more.

So let's put it all together right now.

The first company Keith has identified as having the ability to pay a Super Dividend is in the insurance industry.

Insurance companies like this one are flush with cash...

And this one hits all the right marks.

All it needs is the trigger event.

According to Keith, this one is as clear as they come: Obamacare.

Now I'm not going to bring up the political ramifications of Obamacare.

You can make up your own mind there.

But here's how it comes into play with this Super Dividend.

Even though Keith has identified an insurance company, the Obamacare trigger has nothing to do with regulations or changes to healthcare plans, or the recent delay for employers...

It's not the mandate.

It's about taxes.

Regardless of your take on Obamacare there's no denying the long list of taxes – direct or indirect – that are being rolled out with it.

But not a lot of people know this particular corporate tax is in there.

However, Keith's analysis is strongly suggesting this secret tax's implementation is going to be the trigger event for this insurance company. A lot like the Franklin Templeton example I mentioned before.

Why pay money in taxes when you can give it to yourself?

Now, if this happens as expected, the average investor who is positioned right could collect a $16,559 Super Dividend (and possibly more).

Keith has compiled all of the facts of this enormous dividend-loophole opportunity into a special intelligence briefing.

Decoding Super Dividends

It's called Decoding Super Dividends.

The first half of this report gives you the complete background.

It details the "who," "what," and "why" behind Super Dividends. It also explains how you can get on the list to receive the potential payout.

For the "when" and the "how" – the report covers Keith's analysis and the factors he looks at to predict future payouts.

When you see the nuts and bolts, everything becomes clear. You'll instantly understand the potential to just cash in on this (and other) single-day cash payout events.

The most important part of this report is the first upcoming Super Dividend target.

It could pay out $16,559...

And as I just mentioned, Super Dividends can occur as fast as 13 days from the trigger event – so time is of the essence.

This report also contains the next two upcoming Super Dividend targets with catalyst events fast approaching.

You'll be given each trigger event and the income potential for each one.

Please be aware: Keith normally charges $1,000 dollars for an hour of his time when he speaks and consults around the world.

If this was a private project for a hedge fund or major Wall Street "prop" desk, he would have charged 20 hours or more for this work.

But Keith has no interest in going that route. If his subscribers are happy, they'll return year after year, as they do now.

And that long-term relationship is far superior to any short-term gain.

So this incredible report isn't for sale anywhere, at any price.

It's only available right now, absolutely FREE, for new subscribers to Keith's flagship investing letter, Money Map Report.

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Keith has a long history of delivering huge gain opportunities to all of his subscribers across the board.

Triple-digit gains... over and over again... going all the way back to when he first started with us. Gains like 300%... 215%... 426%, as you'll see.

Since the day we launched his Money Map Report letter to subscribers, Keith Fitz-Gerald has beaten the mainstream media to the punch time after time.

In January of 2009, when everyone was still screaming that the sky was falling, Keith predicted that the markets were about to turn around...

He was right on the money. The turnaround happened in March that year and the markets have been slowly clawing their way back ever since.

In November of 2010, Keith warned his Money Map Report readers that the U.S. was engaging in a currency war with China.

But it wasn't until a year later, November 2011, that the mainstream press caught wind of this currency war and started ringing alarm bells.

In April of 2012, he warned readers that Apple was set for a major correction... and over the next 12 months the stock went on a historic slide. It dropped as much as $309.

In December of 2012, he told Money Map Report readers that the S&P would hit 1,600 in 2013.

And in May of 2013 it did just that.

Make no mistake. Money Map Report is a powerful tool for making money.

When I see the vast sums of money people claim to have made from Keith's recommendations (coming up shortly)... I believe it could be the most powerful publication in the whole world.

In each issue of Money Map Report, Keith reveals investment ideas that truly matter – with huge opportunities to make money on them.

And most importantly for us, he pinpoints exactly how his subscribers can turn those interactions into huge gains. Gains like these since he began:

This doesn't even include the dozens upon dozens of double-digit winners between 51% and 99%.

So how exactly is all this possible?

You see the Money Map Report is exactly that. It's a very real map, created by Keith Fitz-Gerald, like no other in existence.

Let me show you one part of this Map here. It's called the "E-conned" Map. It looks like this:

E-Conned Map

You see, the U.S. investor has been "Economically Conned" by Washington and Wall Street for two decades now.

It started the day Wall Street began buying Senators and Congressmen. With billions in profits, most anything can be bought – and is.

Within 20 years, the whole system was bought and controlled by big money, greed and power.

What you see here are the factors that resulted from this corruption... and what the financial world looks like today...

The factors that will, without a single shred of doubt, eat the average investor alive.

#1: Socialized Risk. This may be the most insidious form of socialism we face today. Private institutions now operate for huge profits at the expense of you and me. The risks they take are HUGE, and "we the people" foot the bill for their greed and abandon while sharing none of the profit.

#2: Unsustainable borrowing disguised as growth. Fact is, we haven't seen any real numbers on growth in the U.S. for decades. Borrowed money that drives up the banks ain't growth. It's 100% debt.

#3: Unregulated activities have exploded. Glass-Steagall got repealed in 1999 and it took less than a decade for the banks to collapse the global financial system.

Believe me on this: Your money is "hypothecated." That means the banks are playing with your savings. And this doesn't even include the wild ride of credit default swaps and the $60-odd trillion in derivative liabilities circulating the globe. If that doesn't scare you, it should.

#4: Free markets are not free. Bernanke sneezes and the stock market roils like a boiling cauldron. Make no mistake: This is NOT a free market. It's all about the movement of the Fed's money and not about the fundamental growth of business. This model will collapse.

So what does this "E-Conned" Map mean to you – and other subscribers to the Money Map Report?

It means two things: Innovation and gains.

If you follow this Map to its conclusion, you will find – and Keith will show you as a subscriber:

  1. The businesses that are filling the gaps where the public sector fails...
  2. The ones that operate in "liberty zones" where growth is encouraged and not punished...
  3. The ones not encumbered by outrageous taxes...
  4. The ones with fingers in regions of the world where true growth exists...
  5. The ones with the huge potential to make you exceedingly rich.

This is exactly how Keith scored 100% on Navios Maritime... 103% on ABB and 102% on Altria... just by following this Map to its logical conclusion.

In fact, searching the world for "unregulated" activities is what led Keith to Super Dividends...

And the very real opportunity for subscribers to pocket an enormous payout, one that we estimate could be worth over $16,559 to you.

Fact is, the E-conned map is just one part of the Money Map Report.

Taken together, the Money Map Report identifies the 6 biggest investment maps of our generation, one by one.

It follows each one to its logical conclusion to offer you the potential to become very wealthy: 

Take The Great Healthcare Upheaval as another example:

Great Healthcare Upheaval Map

Obamacare affects every single American. It's the biggest new law to come along since Social Security. And the unintended consequences are dire.

In the next year, millions of American people are going to lose their jobs as they've known them, as millions of American workers are forced into part-time employment, trying to make a living wage at 24 to 30 hours per week.

Then you have the new centralized healthcare.

Regular doctors – the kind you used to go to when you had a problem – will disappear. It's all but guaranteed.

You also have the emerging microcap biotechs that are hitting home runs on the demand of our aging population. And don't forget the HUGE intersection of medical records and Big Data.

The question for you is... Are you making money on this enormous shift in the markets?

Well, Keith is already leading his readers to big gains. Just following this map to its logical conclusion has already resulted in 315% on Sinovac Biotech Ltd. And 211% on Gilead Sciences.

And what about War, Terrorism and Ugliness? Ever since 9/11 it's been a new world out there. And one of the biggest new directions for making money.

But have you been making money on intel, surveillance and reconnaissance?

How about network systems to run the new war?

Or how about secure communications and data? Preventing our enemies from hacking our information is key to making this work. Inevitable profits will follow.

Simply follow this map to its logical conclusion, as you'll see in detail in the Money Map Report, and the gains are just waiting for you.

This is how Keith lead his readers to fast returns of 117% on NetQin mobile... 100% on FleetCor Technologies and 300% on SVM calls.

The kinds of opportunities the Money Map Report uncovers are large. They need to be. The institutions we've known our whole life are crumbling – and new ones are emerging.

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A government now owned by Wall Street executives...

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Mike Ward
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July 2013

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