This Incredible 14-Millimeter "Chip" Contains

One Device to End All Disease

And It Costs Less Than $50

I'm So Confident It Can Transform You Into a Millionaire That
Once You Join This Revolution I'll Send You a $2,000 Check

(You can spend it on anything you like... Or use it to claim a piece of
the $7 trillion in new wealth this device is about to create)


Hello, my name is Michael Robinson.

Having been a board member of one Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and an advisor for two more...

I've been fortunate to get in on the ground floor of the biggest technological breakthroughs in recent history.

I worked alongside Lee Iacocca and Roger Smith, the CEOs of Chrysler and GM, as they led the robotics revolution that saved the U.S. automotive industry.

I was 1 of 5 people involved in the early meetings for the $160 billion "cloud computing" phenomenon.

And as cyber security was becoming a focus for the National Intelligence community, I was with Dave DeWalt, the CEO of McAfee Inc....

Right before Intel acquired his company for $7.8 billion.

MEMS Device

However, what you're looking at now is the most disruptive and lucrative innovation I've been a part of during my 34-year career.

Measuring Just 14mm...
It's the World's Smallest Medical Implant

Open it up and you'll find a device that could fulfill one of the most important endeavors in human history.

You see, 1.5 million Americans have a heart attack every year. More than 570,000 die of cancer. Respiratory disease, Alzheimer's, strokes and diabetes kill 410,000 more.

I'm confident this could change all of that.

And that's because I was a strategic consultant for a company that was building an early prototype of this device.

That company was sold for $126 million... and that was back in 2006.

Today, this device is responsible for creating $11.1 billion in revenue.

But this is just a drop in the bucket compared to what's coming.

Silicon Valley insiders now estimate that revenue from this device is about to surge 63,000% between now and 2017.

And create $7 trillion in new wealth.

Already, top experts inside the medical profession are making eye-opening predictions thanks to technology like this.

One of the most renowned doctors in his field believes...

"The end of illness is closer than you might think."

In a few moments you will find yourself agreeing with him, because...

The End of Disease May Soon Become a Reality Thanks to
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems

If that name sounds high tech that's because it is.

And if you want to live a long and healthy life, without the fear of disease...

You'll want to watch this short presentation to the end because...

MEMS are the Only Existing Technology
That Could Eradicate the Dangers of Disease,
Add 30 Healthy Years to Your Life...
And Cost Less Than $50

And here's where it gets really exciting for someone in my line of work.

Today, the patents for the MEMS set to end disease....

They're controlled by one tiny, unknown company.

They Have Been Cleared By the FDA

And now there's a way for you to grab a piece of this company's patent rights for less than $9.

Now, I don't want you to grab just a piece.

You see, in the venture capital business... 

If you want to prove how confident you are in the impact of a new technology... Money talks.

Which is why, after this short presentation is over...

I'm Goin to "Stake You."

I'm Going to Send You a Check for $2,000

Now, you can use this money any way you want...

If you choose, you could use this $2,000 check to claim about 235 shares of the MEMS patent rights...

That way your money will be doing a lot of talking...

As I just mentioned, revenue for MEMS is projected to grow 63,000% in a little over 3 years.

And it will create $7 trillion in new wealth.

Many people – both inside and outside the industry - are going to become millionaires. Some will even become billionaires.

And when you see everything MEMS can do...

You'll understand why this $2,000 check could be all you need to become a millionaire as well. Let me show you how...

MEMS Can End Heart Disease

This 14mm medical implant holds the key.

If you were to take a toothpick and break it into thirds...

MEMS Device

One of those pieces represents its length and width.

And if you were to open it up, inside you'd find the "digital cure" for heart disease.

A MEMS microsensor.

As you know, sensors have been around for decades.

And sensors have become infinitely more powerful over the years.

But, as the name suggests...

MEMS Microsensors have a cutting-edge advantage over their predecessors. They are incredibly small.

In fact, they can be as small as a single micron.

Here's how you can picture a micron. Take that same third of a toothpick...

Now break that into 14,000 pieces. One of those pieces is a micron.

A MEMS Microsensor Can Be So Small
It's Invisible to the Naked Eye.

It allows this tiny implant to be safely inserted just beneath the skin, below your collarbone. And it can be easily removed. No wires, no risky surgery.

Now before I show you MEMS' secret for delivering a knockout blow to heart disease...

Let's first compare it to the most common medical implant for this illness.

It's a procedure called Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT).

That's the official name for an implantable cardio-defibrillator that monitors and manages irregular heartbeats.

It's also known as a pacemaker.

If you know someone who has one, then you're aware the surgery involves:


Here's what it looks like on an X-Ray.

And, it's worth mentioning...

You will be awake during the entire procedure. And it's no picnic after.

Doctors will tell you that wearing a seatbelt in your car can cause chest discomfort thanks to your Pacemaker.

MRIs, cell phones, even the magnets in the headphones of iPods have been proven to cause interference with the pacemaker's computer.

So take a few moments to...

Compare These Two Devices and See
Which One You'd Select if You Had the Choice.

MEMS Pacemaker Comparision

Now consider this: A pacemaker only does two things. It monitors and regulates your heartbeat...

The MEMS device inside this implant measures seven indicators, including specific proteins that appear in the blood before a heart attack occurs.

And here's something else to consider...

Your standard pacemaker has a battery that lasts between 5 to 10 years.

When it runs out of juice, patients need more surgery to replace it. The more surgery... the more risk.

However, Because This MEMS Implant
Requires 1/100th of the Power...

It Has the Ability to Capitalize on a
New Technology Called "Energy Harvesting"...

This is a method for creating micropower supplies from the environment. Mainly machine vibrations, the sun, the tides...

Or, in the case of some MEMS... body heat.

This energy harvesting is why...

MEMS Never Run Out of Power

So let's take a closer look at this device.

MEMS Components
  1. The MEMS micropower generator is fueled by the natural heat of your body.
  2. It supplies this energy to the MEMS microsensor.
  3. The MEMS microsensor monitors your blood work and heart 24/7... forever.
  4. And it never stops sending the information it gathers to an "MMCU"... A MEMS microcomputer unit that's also built inside this tiny device. Here the data is compressed and analyzed.

There's No Risk of Human Error in Interpreting This Intelligence
Because the MEMS' Microcomputer Does It.

And There's No Chance of Cross Contamination in a Lab...
Because Your Body is the Lab.

So, now that you have this MEMS device just under the surface of your skin monitoring your heart, where does all that data go?

Well, in the old days...


Doctors used an echocardiograph to collect data and analyze your heart function.

That required a hospital or lab visit, where you were hooked up to a complicated maze of computers, tubes and wires...

This is probably what you'd have seen.

But now the echocardiograph is about to become extinct.

The reason is this...

It only monitors your heart while you're hooked up to it.

Now compare that to MEMS.

Each MEMS device has a built in augmented fusion engine.

It allows multiple MEMS to work together through a wireless sensor network.

MEMS Components

So after the MEMS microsensor sends its readings to the MEMS microcomputer unit...

That data is analyzed and sent to a MEMS device that's already built into your smartphone for tracking.

It's also transmitted simultaneously to a MEMS device in your doctor's computer system.

MEMS Components

Together, the 3 MEMS devices cross-analyze this intelligence continuously.

They don't require you to make an appointment two months in advance to keep you healthy.

And it doesn't stop there.

MEMS Are Giving Medical Technologies
an Einstein-Like I.Q. Boost.

That's because the MEMS in the doctor's computer system and your smartphone, are continuously communicating with a global network of similar devices...

Together they create a fusion of intelligence among technologies.

They are analyzing data together...

Developing early warning systems...

And identifying the safest solutions based off the intelligence being shared.

This creates a network of millions of MEMS devices that are all working together as one...

Their mission is to find and eradicate any potential threats so you can live a long, happy, and healthy life.

They never stop. They never take a break to sneak in a "quick" 18 holes of golf.

This 24/7 Fusion of Intelligence
Can Now Pinpoint What Once Were
Undetectable Traces of Heart Disease...

Years in Advance.

So before physical symptoms appear, you and your doctor can take steps to reverse the condition.

And you can put a stop to something much more serious developing down the road.

Like a heart attack or stroke.

Currently 600,000 Americans die from heart disease every year.

That's 1 out of every 4 deaths. But now...

MEMS Can Effectively Stop
Heart Disease Before it Happens

And even if you already have a heart condition, the MEMS implant could still save your life.

See, if this tiny MEMS implant, just under your skin, detects a problem, like the breakdown of heart-specific muscle tissue...

Or any indicators of a coming heart attack, or stroke...

It alerts you via the MEMS in your smartphone...

And it sends this same alert to your doctor as well.

It automatically sets off an early warning system hours...

Or in many cases...

DAYS before a heart attack.

This MEMS Early-Early  Warning System
Gives You a Chance to Get the Help You Need...
Before It Becomes An Emergency

The life-saving implications are clear... but the financial impact will be just as profound.

Treating heart disease is big business in America... $273 billion last year alone. That figure is expected to rise $34 billion a year for the next 17 years.

And this never-ending flow of medical money has created fortunes for companies and investors alike.

Take Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Their market cap is just over $72 billion. They control the patents for the prescription drug Plavix®.

Plavix® only addresses blood clots in people who've already suffered a heart attack or stroke. That's just one risk factor.

Yet, the patents for this single drug were so powerful...

It sent their stock soaring 399%.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Pfizer is an even bigger company. Their market cap is $206 billion.

And much of that is attributed to the patent they held on the heart disease fighting drug, Lipitor®.

Lipitor® only addresses high cholesterol.

Yet the patents for this medical "one-trick pony" helped send Pfizer's stock up an incredible 1,484% after they released it.


These big pharmaceutical companies have made a fortune treating one factor of heart disease...

But there are at least 51 different variables that can cause it.

Never before has your doctor been able to recommend ways to stop all of them before they occur. That was until...

A Tech Company 1/30th the Size of These
"Big Pharma" Titans, Developed a MEMS Technology
That Could End All Heart Disease.

And it Controls the Patents.

There is a very simple way for you to get a slice of this company's patent profits for less than $9. So you'll be able to cheaply get in, on the ground floor...

As MEMS revenue skyrockets 63,000%.

And since I'm going to "stake you" with a $2,000 check...

You'll also have an opportunity to secure a much larger piece of what is set to become a $7 trillion pie...

Now here's something that may surprise you.

For most medical applications of MEMS... you don't need to implant them in your body. In fact...

MEMS Could End Cancer

Without Surgery... Without Chemotherapy...
And for Under $50

Take lung cancer. It's the deadliest form of this disease.

Each year it kills 158,000 of our friends and family alike.

And most victims are nonsmokers. That's a fact the media never tells us.

The reason it's so deadly is that most cases aren't detected until the final stages... when it's nearly impossible to cure.

That's because, in order to detect early stage lung cancer you need a CT scan.

And unless there's a strong reason to believe you're sick, insurance won't cover it.

So by the time a nonsmoker, or his doctor, suspect they have lung cancer...

The cancer is often too advanced to cure.

This is the worst kind of medical "catch-22."

On the other hand, if you detect cancer early, when it's just an abnormality...

Then according to Massachusetts radiologist, Dr. Rodrick Williams "you can just take it out."

Thanks to MEMS, very soon it'll cost next to nothing to screen everyone for not just lung cancer, but all cancer.

And "taking it out" could be done while avoiding surgery or chemotherapy.

I'd like you to watch your screen closely now as...

Doctors From the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Penn State University Use MEMS to Fight Lung,
Breast, Prostate and Melanoma Cancers

It's as Simple as Blowing into a Breathalyzer.


What you're seeing is a patient blowing into a small tube for ten seconds.

Inside this tube is a MEMS device that's similar to the one I showed you before.

Very soon doctors will be able use it in every routine exam to check for cancer as easily as they check your blood pressure and temperature.

Now here's the kicker...

You Can Even Use This Device at Home...
All it Needs is Your smartphone

So when you blow on that little tube, a tiny MEMS device inside it will wirelessly communicate with a tiny MEMS device that's already in your smartphone today.

That will communicate with the MEMS device already existing in your doctor's computers.

Together, they will create that early warning system that could alert you years...

Or decades in advance.

So even before a malignant mass ever has the chance to develop, you can eradicate that threat.

But on the other hand, if cancer is discovered in its earliest phases...

Thanks to this device, it could also potentially be knocked out with simple immune boosters instead of chemo, radiation or surgery...

Before the disease truly catches hold.

The profit potential for a cancer treatment this profound is immense.

Just consider...

Seattle Genetics Went On a 1,350% Profit Run After
They Patented a Blood Cancer Treatment...

That Only Affects About 9,000 People.

So if a treatment for 9,000 people creates a 1,350% windfall...

Seattle Genetics

Consider what the patents for one that treats 1,660,290 patients (185 times that amount) could deliver.

Actress Angelina Jolie brought a lot of attention to genetic testing when she underwent a double mastectomy after discovering she had a high probability of breast cancer.

That test cost $4,000.

A movie star might not hesitate at that price, but it's well out of reach for most Americans.

Still, after the patent for that test was granted to Myriad Genetics, the company's stock rose 436%.


Imagine How Much Wealth Will Be Created From the
Patents For a Device That Costs Less Than $50...

And Could Soon Be Found in the Medicine Cabinet of Every Household and Doctor's Office In America...
and Around The World

MEMS Inhaler

But MEMS could soon put an end to much more than heart disease and cancer.

What you're looking at now isn't simply an inhaler...

It's a MEMS device that could keep the 25 million Americans with asthma and 14.8 million with COPD from suffering an attack.

It could save their lives.

Here's how...

MEMS Could End Respiratory Disease

This amazing device is running 24/7 around the clock measuring a complex set of data such as pollen and pollution levels, as well as time and location of inhaler use.

While this MEMS device is performing these actions inside the inhaler...

There is a MEMS device in the patient's smartphone simultaneously recording and analyzing all this information.

Using that MEMS augmented fusion engine, the inhaler and smartphone build a complete personal profile of any respiratory threats... and where they're located.

But what's also happening is the MEMS device in the smartphone is communicating this data anonymously to doctors and fellow patients who are connected throughout a global network.

And together, a precise map of the world is created with respiratory disease hot zones.

So if someone is near a hot zone that has been proven to present a risk to their health... even if they've never been there before...

An early-warning emergency alert is sent through the smartphone so they can steer clear of this hot zone... or take a quick dose of their medicine.

This way, MEMS can prevent a dangerous and even deadly respiratory attack from occurring.

GlaxoSmithKline has a market cap of $127 billion.

And they controlled the patents for the COPD medicine Advair® - the third highest selling drug of all time.

The patent for this single drug was a major catalyst for pushing GlaxoSmithKline's share prices up 465%.

Glaxo Smith Kline

But now a company, a fraction of its size, holds the patents for the MEMS device that could close the book on respiratory disease.

Now, let's talk about a major disease that strikes six out of every ten Americans.

Sleeping disorders.

The demand for a cure is no small market. 60 million prescriptions for sleeping pills are filled every year in this country.

One of the most popular is Ambien®.

At its peak, Ambien®, was exceeding sales of $55.4 million a week.


The company that controlled its patent, Sanofi-Aventis, saw its stock surge 1,214% because of its popularity.

Now, thanks to MEMS, we could be looking at a solution more effective than pills.

MEMS Can End Sleeping Disorders For Good

MEMS Wristband

This simple (and cheap) wristband is actually a powerful MEMS device that safely monitors your sleep. It helps detect issues with your breathing, pulse, stress levels, and REM patterns.

It communicates this intelligence to MEMS in your smartphone, which has been storing your sleep patterns... as well as through the global network of MEMS devices.

This fusion of intelligence gives you and your doctor the power to identify the real cause of your sleeping problems.

And implement safe, non-addictive treatments before a serious sleeping disorder develops.

In fact, studies are showing these MEMS bands are already improving the health of people wearing them by 26%. And that's after just a short while.

It's pretty easy to see the pattern here...

MEMS End a Disease Before  it Makes You Sick

Heart and respiratory diseases, cancer, sleeping disorders... and countless other illnesses...

They can all be detected well in advance now, because of this small, yet powerful device built inside these medical technologies.

As MEMS are put to work earlier and earlier in people's lives, they can virtually eradicate these threats in the years ahead.

And one company is going to get a piece of all the action.

It has developed and patented some of the most powerful MEMS for clinical diagnostics, medical imaging and mobile health applications.

Everything I've discussed with you today.

And since their MEMS have recently been granted FDA approval...

They have positioned themselves to be nearly unstoppable.

First Off, They Produce the Lion's Share of All MEMS Devices.

Currently, they can produce 4 million devices a day. That's more than anyone else in the world. And their production capabilities are growing exponentially each year.

Which is why the companies that turn to them for MEMS technology are a who's who of Silicon Valley and the Fortune 500 companies.

Apple, Blackberry, Dell, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Delta, Denso, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, HTC, Magnetti Marelli, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Western Digital, and Cisco...

This is just a fraction of their customer list.

They Have Also Captured and Secured Total Market Share
Domination For All Major Operating Systems.

That's over 4 times greater than the next closest competitor.

So when a company is developing a MEMS health technology, and they want to ensure it is scalable across all operating systems both mobile and computer...

They only have one clear choice.

But the final reason MEMS could soon make you very rich is because...

The One Company Controls the Patent Pipeline For It All

When companies create devices that absolutely must have the technology you've patented...

You become the fortunate owner of what's called a patent pipeline.

And this is a "take it to the bank" sign that profits are about to go on a non-stop thrill ride up.

Take ASML Holding...

Thermo Fisher Scientific...

And NetApp Inc...

Even though total global revenue of all MEMS devices is currently only $11.1 billion...

The market is projected to surge 63,000% in a little over 3 years creating $7 trillion in wealth...

And I can assure you that...

Everybody Inside Silicon Valley Knows the Money is in
This One MEMS Company's Patent Pipeline.

Take BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis.

His company is a powerful client of this MEMS leader.

And he just invested $97 million of his own money into profiting off the patents of the medical applications for MEMS technology.

Fortunately, the venture capital money is just starting to rush in.

But it won't be long before the floodgates open up because...

While this one company controls the Patent Pipeline for the most important MEMS breakthroughs for ending disease...

One Company Controls 800 MEMS Patents

Medical MEMS form just one block of their entire 800-patent portfolio.

And their diversity is going to pay off big time because...

MEMS Are the Catalyst For
The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Cisco CEO John Chambers says tech like MEMS, "will be the biggest leverage point for IT."

And that's because, over the next few years, Cisco estimates that 50 billion types of devices – not just medical devices, but also cell phones, computers, cars... practically everything – will be incorporating multiple MEMS technologies to communicate with each other through the internet.

You may have heard of "The Internet of Everything" being discussed in the media.

MEMS are what's making this possible.

And while CISCO has been one of this "under the radar" MEMS company's most outspoken clients...

Two of its other clients...

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Shell Oil are now teaming up and using MEMS to identify and extract...

$4.5 Trillion a Year in Oil and Energy Thanks to
"The Central Nervous System For The Earth" (CeNSE)

CeNSE is a program being implemented at this very moment to literally cover the entire planet with more than a trillion MEMS devices.

Seismic Sensor Chip

Here's a picture of one of them.

It's about the size of a pushpin.

And it incorporates a souped-up version of a MEMS microsensor now common in modern video game systems. You don't even need a controller to play a game on the Xbox anymore.

It has an external MEMS device that scans and monitors your body...

So another MEMS device inside the console can react to every movement you make. This requires a highly precise level of sensitivity.

Here's why I'm bringing this up...

Each of These 1 Trillion,
Pushpin-Sized MEMS Devices Is:

Shell is currently kicking off CeNSE by covering 10 square kilometers around each of their drilling sites with about 1 million MEMS...

That's only the beginning.

Because, as Dirk Smit, Shell's Chief Scientist for Geophysics explained:

"MEMS to seismic processing are like pixels to digital cameras. The more there are, the higher the image's resolution."

These MEMS devices will be placed just under the ground. MEMS "energy harvesting" will allow them to run around the clock using very little power.

Each will be monitoring, detecting and analyzing any seismic movement.

Through their Augmented MEMS Fusion Engines they will communicate with each other, and with MEMS inside HP's on-site supercomputers and networking systems.

They'll work together seamlessly to identify the exact location of the sweet spots for each discovery. And which direction the oil is flowing.

Dr. Wim Walk is the manager of new geophysical technologies at Shell.

When talking about why his company was going "all in" with MEMS technology he said:

"Shell is in this game to gain an advantage. We can have millions of channels [of information] and the same size exploration crew. We'll collect petabytes of data a day."

And because of this program...

It's Estimated MEMS Can Increase
Production Capabilities By 1,000%

And Cut Costs in Half

Shell already derives $453 billion a year in revenue from their energy production capabilities.

Now multiply that by 10X...

That means Shell is predicting that, thanks in no small part to MEMS:

And since Shell and HP have publicly announced they're in the market for 1 trillion MEMS devices... it's a venture capitalist's dream.

Let me tell you why.

When Halliburton captured their first "fracking" patent, they were a $57.2 million company. Now they're a $29 billion company.

That means these patents helped them multiply their revenue 500 times over. They would have paid almost any price to secure them...

But HP and Shell DO NOT control the MEMS patents I've been sharing with you today.

One small company holds the 800 patents that could end disease and revolutionize energy exploration by creating a "Central Nervous System For the Earth." And much more...

Companies like Shell and HP are willing to write them essentially a blank check to provide them with this technology.

And if you choose to use the $2,000 check I'm going to send you to secure shares of these MEMS patent rights...

You'll be positioned at the forefront of the $7 trillion wave of wealth.

And this wealth is going to be ushered in sooner than you think.

You see, executives from Google and Microsoft - two other clients of this MEMS powerhouse...

Are likely about to engage in a fierce bidding war because...

MEMS Are Creating a $113 Billion
"Smart City" Infrastructure Boom Worldwide

Already 12,000 MEMS devices have been deployed in the small city of Santander, Spain. They've been buried under the asphalt, affixed to street lamps and atop city buses.

They're measuring everything from air pollution to open parking spaces.

Through a smartphone app, residents get real-time information on road closures, parking availability, and bus delays... they even get the pollen count.

But here's what really matters... MEMS have taken over the tracking and management of the city's power grid and its trash disposal system.

And they're much more efficient than the city engineers who came before them.

So far, this small test has saved the city 25% on its electric bill and 20% on its garbage expenses.

Now the initial cost for these 12,000 MEMS was $11 million. They will need many more for true integration.

But the results of this test were so successful it's being rolled out to another European city. Genoa in Italy.

And the company I've been telling you about today, the same one with the patents to this technology...

The European Union just cut it a $36.8 million check to develop even more advanced MEMS for smart cities.

We're at the very early stages of this becoming standard technology for every city in Europe. And the revenue potential is amazing.

Consider Madrid.

It's over 18 times bigger than Santander, Spain. So it would need 18 times the amount of MEMS, smart city sensors.

A similar test would cost $198 million. A full rollout would likely hit over a billion dollars. And it would be worth every penny and much more to Madrid.

Now think about every city in Europe.

Like Paris...

Paris has already installed 1 million MEMS, smart city sensors.

Now think bigger.

The Japanese government has gotten involved as well. They're installing these MEMS in two cities, Fujisawa and Mitaka.

And we're even seeing this begin in America. A similar program has already been implemented in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

We'll soon see more cities sign up. And just outside our cities...

MEMS Are Repairing America's Crumbling Infrastructure

I met with U.S. Army General, Robert Flowers concerning his use of MEMS with the Army Corps of Engineers.

He told me he wanted to use them to "look inside beams where bridges are damaged, and very precisely examine the damage and make very quick assessments of what needs to be done."

Bridge Sensor

He mentioned that without MEMS this takes "days, weeks or even months to pull off."

But with this technology he can now do it in "real-time." Here's that technology...

These MEMS bridge sensor devices, including their large casings, are the size of a cellphone.

They're placed on areas of a bridge that are structurally sensitive. They constantly record movements, tilt and orientation.

They communicate with each other and the MEMS in the computer systems to detect patterns that suggest damage.

Bridge Sensor

And using MEMS energy harvesting they power themselves with the bridge's natural vibrations... and solar power.

It's Estimated That MEMS Will Save Up to
$200,000 a Year... Per Bridge.

It Takes About 10,000 to Monitor the
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

There Are More Than 600,000 Bridges in America Alone.

There's a lot of money to be made from MEMS being placed into Smart Cities and Smart Bridges.

$113 billion to be exact... and that's just between now and 2020.

After 2020, that windfall is estimated to grow exponentially into trillions of dollars...

As MEMS are completely integrated into the world's 37 megacities that each have populations of over 10 million people.

However, when Microsoft and Google start fighting over who can control this massive revenue, it won't matter.

Because they don't control the patents.

I know the small company that does.

Now, let me show you how...

$487 Billion is "Up for Grabs" As
MEMS Conquer the "Digital Battlefield"

In a meeting I conducted with Major General Michael Mazzucchi, we discussed the Army's plans to utilize MEMS to conquer what he called the "digital battlefield."

Subs, fighter jets, tanks, artillery, troops, cruise missiles, and more all sharing intelligence with each other in real time.

A large military jet currently requires 130 MEMS pressure sensors.

Their use falls under a classification called "full-authority digital engine control."

And it's not just jets.

Using MEMS energy harvesting, the vibrations from helicopters are a power source for similar devices.

Public de-classified military projects, involving MEMS pressure sensors are currently budgeted at $45.5 million.

However, the military is already allocating a much larger piece of their $528 billion budget to additional MEMS capabilities.

I personally have knowledge of 4 highly-sensitive MEMS programs.

For instance, the Air Force is using them for what the Department of Defense calls, "5th generation fighter sensors."

These dramatically enhance the ability of our military's aircrafts to safely navigate what are labeled "anti-access, area denial environments."

In other words, enemy environments.

The MQ-9/Block 5 aircraft program uses MEMS for the transfer, encryption and communication of classified intelligence.

The D.U.S. program stands for "Dominate in Unmanned Systems."

Here MEMS were integrated into unmanned underwater, aerial, and ground vehicles to carry out explosive detonation and surveillance assignments.

The G.P.A. program is short for Global Precision Attack. And it involved 30,000 airmen and 41,000 hours of missions last year alone.

MEMS were implemented to upgrade the sniper capabilities and datalink pods necessary to ensure those missions were a success.

The budget for these programs is classified.

But we do know that the Department of Defense is looking at MEMS as one of their main resources for streamlining operations by $487 billion between now and 2021.

And when it saves the military a lot of money, it could create windfall profits for the company that controls these patents.

Now, even with all of the amazing things we've just discussed... we've barely scratched the surface of MEMS profit potential...

You see...

MEMS Are Already a Part of Our Daily Lives
and You May Not Even Know It

If you've purchased a new car anytime within the last few years, you are harnessing a vast amount of MEMS technology.

In fact, there are at least 50 MEMS in most cars.

So automotive MEMS technology is already big...

But it's about to become a $27.7 billion a year piece of this exploding MEMS industry.

A Verizon Internal Briefing Predicted MEMS Will
"Shape The Future Of Technology."

But it's already reshaping the core of Verizon's business... cellphones.

The average smartphone now has 11 MEMS in it. That number is about to jump to 25.

MEMS Are Now Creating $60 Billion Worth
of "Smart Home Ecosystems"

If you're in the market for a new home that's being built today, chances are when you first walk in, you'll be greeted by a fully-integrated MEMS network that's working 24/7 to keep you comfortable and safe.

From the convenience of your smartphone, or tablet, your "Smart Home Ecosystem" will allow you to:

These MEMS smart home ecosystems will ring up a hefty $60 billion in revenue.

MEMS Are By No Means an Overnight Phenomenon.

As I discussed at the beginning of this presentation, I was directly involved in the development of a MEMS prototype device that sold for $126 million in 2006.

Since then, this industry has taken off. MEMS currently generate $11.1 billion of revenue a year.

And it's about to grow exponentially larger...

Because a small company has quietly developed and patented a series MEMS devices that may soon put an end to heart disease... cancer... all disease.

And these MEMS have been FDA approved.

Three of their medical patents alone could be tied to $255 billion of revenue.

But it goes well beyond that. In total, this company controls an 800 patent strong pipeline...

This covers the lion's share of the MEMS that will soon be in 50 billion devices.

From the MEMS in HP and Shell's $4.5 trillion central nervous system for the earth... to the $113 billion in revenue from MEMS smart cities and $60 billion from MEMS smart home ecosystems...

Everything I've shared with you today.

This small company could be the catalyst behind it all.

Behind a coming 63,000% surge in MEMS revenue in a little over three years.

And it could deliver $7 trillion in new wealth.

Until now, the big profits from MEMS have been limited to scientists, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists...

But that's changed.

I've created an innovative way for you to get in, near the ground floor, and get stakes in this company's patent pipeline for under $9.

And every time a MEMS device is produced or sold, that's tied to these patents, you could end up getting a piece of the action. And that means...

This MEMS Patent Pipeline Could Make You Rich

And I'm going to help make this a reality for you.

I didn't spend my career on Wall Street or at an investment bank. I preferred to be in the center of the action, not watching it from a distance.

For over 3 decades I've been in the heart of Silicon Valley working alongside some of the biggest tech innovators. I've mentioned many of them today.

I was a board member and senior advisor to venture capital firms. Because this is where the real wealth is made.

And I can tell you with total confidence that we are at the very beginning of the exploding profits that are about to be generated from MEMS...

Which is why...

Today, I'm Going to Issue an Urgent Briefing That Reveals How You Can Capitalize on $7 Trillion of MEMS Wealth...

Wealth That is About to Funnel Through
The 800 Patents This One Company Controls...

This briefing is going to be sent to members of my Radical Technology Profits investment research service.

With Radical Technology Profits, I set out to get you in on the ground floor of investment opportunities in supercomputers, big data, biological and longevity drugs, military weapons and defense tech...

Anything with a flood of venture capital money beating down the doors.

I investigate these opportunities and share them with Radical Technology Profits' members through a streamlined briefing I call my RDTS.

That's my "Radical Demand Tracking System."

This will give you everything you need in order to capitalize on the latest tech windfall I've investigated.

With the RDTS I'm releasing today, I've examined every patent and every device that's being ushered in to end disease.

You'll be given the full details on why just three of this company's medical patents alone could soon be worth $255 billion a year.

I've documented Shell and HP's progress with their "Central Nervous System for the Earth" program that could uncover over $4.5 trillion a year in new energy at half the cost.

This RDTS explains the massive, $113 billion rewards to be reaped from MEMS in smart cities and smart bridges.

I delve even further into MEMS' sensitive military capabilities and the $487 billion revenue potential there.

And I explore how 50 billion devices, all connected to MEMS will soon improve every aspect of our lives.

But most important, I reveal how you can get an aggressive piece of the patent rights of this single MEMS company.

Each share (currently under $9 apiece) will place you at the front of the line as this 63,000% surge in MEMS revenue growth ushers in $7 trillion of new wealth.

But that's not all.

You see, this RDTS briefing will also share with you a small circle of companies that are dialed into MEMS technologies.

Because, besides the $7 trillion in direct MEMS wealth to be had...

Cisco's CEO, John Chambers, predicts the ripple effect will quickly create "more than $14 trillion in profits" across the board.

So in your first briefing, I'm going to share with you an additional 3 simple stock trades that can capitalize on this coming wealth.

These are small companies. And each is primed to potentially more than double your investment this year.

Now, MEMS are going to become integral to everything about our way of life.

But they're not the only radical technologies that have the potential to make investors millions of dollars...

Which is why, at this very moment...

I'm Closely Following 6 Additional
Radical Technology Targets

I'm going to be unveiling them in the coming weeks as I validate all of my findings.

But I want you to hear about them now.

  1. A Synthetic Vaccine that May End the Flu – The MEMS I've been talking about today address diseases.

    Viruses like the flu are an additional threat that may soon become extinct as well. I'm closely monitoring the venture capital funds flowing into a tiny firm that is developing a universal vaccine for the flu.

    I recently had dinner with the CEO of this company and he believes they're about to crack into a $30 billion market. Plus, at $1.70 a share, this may be a deal too good to pass up.
  2. Advanced Longevity Imaging – A small cap company has invented a cutting-edge, fluorescent imaging platform that allows surgeons to visualize blood vessels, nerves and every aspect of the lymphatic system in real time.

    The stock's share price is currently barely above double-digits, so the time to strike is approaching.
  3. Photonic Optical Networking – A tiny player in Silicon Valley has created a technology that can increase internet speeds 200 times over what they are today.

    They make photonic, integrated circuits that harness light to deliver massive possibilities for web video, data processing and cloud computing.
  4. UHDTVs – This stands for Ultra High-Def TV and it's going to replace Plasma, LEDs and every former "next generation" type of television.

    One company has cornered the market on the 4K technology chips required to put one of these sets in every home.
  5. VOIP 2.0. – Voice over Internet Protocol is what drove Skype to become such an irreplaceable communications tool in many parts of the world. A small cap firm is about to unveil the next evolution of this technology and they're currently under $5 a share.
  6. The Unbreakable Firewall – In this age of cyber threats, protecting sensitive information is more important than ever. And as more of our data moves to "the cloud," it's more at risk of being compromised.

    Fortunately, there is a company that has secured deals with the top 50 global banks and 8 of the largest utility companies to provide the strongest firewall protection ever created. And because they are so under the radar, they're currently sitting at less than $10 a share.

I expect to be issuing RDTS briefing alerts for each of these soon. And as a Radical Technology Profits member, you can receive them all.

Now, I should make it clear that I'm not going to tell you to sit on these investments for decades admiring them like they're ribbons won at the fair.

This Isn't About "Buy and Hold."

We Get In and Get Out With Profits.
And Move On to the Next Big Windfall.

Take Rare Earth Metals.

Everybody's heard of them by now. They're in all of our electronics. And until recently, China had a stranglehold on their supply.

But they didn't have a stranglehold on who could make money from them.

Right before the Wall Street fervor kicked in, I found four unique rare earth companies for folks to get into.

  1. Rare Elements Resources Ltd...
  2. Avalon Rare Metals Inc...
  3. Quest Rare Minerals...
  4. And Great Western Minerals Group.

In A Matter Months, People Who Followed
My Recommendations... Could've Claimed
Total Rare Earth Returns of 990%.

And that's not all...

It wasn't long ago that patients had no idea that robotic surgery was an available treatment for cancer.

But everybody inside Silicon Valley knew this trend was about to take off. And right before it did, I identified a small company called Accuray for members of Radical Technology Profits.

Accuray invented, and patented, the first robotic radiosurgery system. It's called the CyberKnife.

And despite the name, it's non-invasive.

It delivers what's called stereotactic radiosurgery and body radiation therapy to patients.

After 3 Months, Accuray Began to Deliver
What Would Become Total Gains of 169%.

3-D printing is a buzzword technology these days. But what you may not have heard about is 3-D bioprinting.

This is an exciting new development in medicine where doctors use a person's own DNA to bioengineer donor tissue.

Every day, 18 people die waiting for an organ transplant.

And of the folks lucky enough to get one, up to 70% experience some form of organ rejections – meaning their body's immune system attacks the implanted tissue.

But when it's your own tissue being used, both of these problems are eliminated.

This was a medical breakthrough whose time had come, which is why I got a lot of folks into Organovo early. Because this is their technology.

And Those Who Followed My Recommendations Into
3-D BioPrinting Had a Chance to Capture
200% Gains in Just 32 Days.

Santarus is a similar story. This is a pharmaceutical company that patented treatments for ulcers and type-2 diabetes.

I caught word of them before almost anybody else did...

And folks who followed me into Santarus saw an opportunity to bank total gains of 196%.

That money started to roll in after 4 ½ months.

LIN TV was a pioneer of on demand, anywhere you go television. It took only 92 days to start rewarding members with total gains of 178%.

Over just the past 15 months, Radical Technology Profits has given everyday folks the opportunity to collect 28 double- or triple-digit winners.

And over the long run, the secret behind what I've created has caught a lot of attention. In fact...

A Study Commissioned By Harvard University
Investigated This Strategy...

They Discovered That Over the Last 15 Years
It's Outperformed the Stock Market
By 1,054%

Now, if you know anything about how the venture capital world works, then you probably understand that the billionaires who run it aren't worried about winning every time.

They're only looking for 1 out of 10 of their investments to hit it big. With Radical Technology Profits I set my sights a little higher.

Besides employing a strategy Harvard determined outperforms the stock market by 1,054%...

We've been outperforming the success rate of even the wealthiest venture capitalists. In fact...

Currently, Members of Radical Technology Profits
Are Experiencing an 88% Win Rate

And that's because I deliver the RDTS briefings in real time via email so you can react immediately.

And when it's time to exit any opportunity and collect maximum profits, I send you additional alerts.

You will also be sent weekly intelligence rundowns that explore the economy, the markets, the groundbreaking technologies that are being developed, and, of course, our current investment opportunities.

In addition, I record audio and video reports, this way you can receive an even deeper understanding of the venture capital targets we're following.

Plus, members also have 24/7 access to a Radical Technology Profits website where every communication is archived, as well as a performance review of all of our opportunities can be found.

And to answer any and all of your questions about the service, I have a members' concierge service set up.

The comprehensive nature of Radical Technology Profits is why, as I mentioned a short while ago:

This is what I've delivered throughout my career in Silicon Valley and with venture Capital firms.

And despite all of this...

A full year's membership to Radical Technology Profits only costs $3,195.

However... I keep the membership ranks small. In fact...

I'm Only Opening This Up to 250 People Today.

And That's Because We're Going to Do
Something Very Big Together...

I'm Going to Stake You $2,000

This MEMS opportunity creates one of those "crossroads" moments...

Where one simple decision could change the course of your financial future.

You can get in, right at the beginning of this revolution, for less than $9.

$9 gets you a piece of this MEMS company's 800-strong patent pipeline.

But I want you to start off with a much larger slice of the pie than that...

So if you are one of the 250 people who join me in Radical Technology Profits today, I'm going to send you a check for $2,000.

You can choose whether to allocate this $2,000 to this single MEMS opportunity or simply keep it for yourself.

Because you are in control.

But just remember, $2,000 can buy you a healthy chunk of those patent stakes.

And when that $7 trillion in MEMS market wealth requires each company to kick back a royalty on those patents, you'll be right there to receive the checks.

Now, in addition to the $2,000 check...

To show you how confident I am in this powerful opportunity, I'll make you two guarantees.

Guarantee #1:
Test Drive Radical Technology Profits
For 90 Days Risk Free

For the next 3-months you can be investing in this MEMS opportunity and every other target I share with you.

You can access all of my weekly analysis, reports, and audio/video briefings. You will have unlimited use of the 24/7 Radical Technology Profits members' website.

And you can utilize the private phone concierge service I've made available to you.

If for any reason, you feel this isn't right for you, simply contact me and I'll refund every penny of your membership dues.

Now, this second guarantee will truly show you how serious I am.

Guarantee #2:
If Your First Year Passes and You Haven't Seen
a Chance to Turn That $2,000 Check into
at least $20,000... I'll Work For FREE

These patents are already FDA approved. They could end cancer and heart disease.

Shell and HP have publically announced the need for more than a trillion MEMS...

And EVERY city in the world will soon be spending billions to install MEMS everywhere.

This is only a small glimpse of what is coming, and this company's patents are critical for it all.

So here's my promise to you: If Radical Technology Profits doesn't give you the opportunity to multiply that $2,000 check I'm going to send you 10 times over...

In other words, turning that $2,000 I'm going to stake you into at least $20,000 in the first year alone...

I'll work for you for free.

I'll extend your Radical Technology Profits membership out another year on the house.

That's a $3,195 "money talks" kind of guarantee.

But I'm only making this opportunity available to a few folks who can see the true size and scope of this opportunity.

I'm ONLY offering a membership to Radical Technology Profits and the $2,000 check that comes along with it...

To the first 250 people who are ready to take their future into their own hands today.

I've reserved a spot for you, but it won't be there much longer.

Just click here or on the "Join Now" button below to sign up, risk free, to Radical Technology Profits right now.

Or if you'd prefer to sign up by phone...

Simply call 855.509.6600 or 410.622.3004 (for international callers) from 9 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time) – and be sure to mention Priority Code WTIMP811.

I want to thank you for participating.

I'm Michael Robinson. Good day.


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