California Pot Stock Explosion

(Please review the transcript from today's discussion between Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon and America’s leading Pot Stock Expert Michael Robinson)


Bill Patalon

Hello, I’m Bill Patalon, the executive editor of Money Morning.

And I want to welcome you to this exclusive California Pot Stock Explosion Summit:

How to Grab 15,251% Gains on the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Market History.

The woman you see on your screen right now… that’s Yvonne DeLaRosa Green.

You’ve probably never heard of her…

But she just made history.

She’s the owner of 99 High Tide Collective, a cannabis dispensary in Malibu…

Yvonne was just awarded the first legal cannabis business license issued in Los Angeles County.

She was the lucky one who got hers first…

But now she has busted open the floodgates for thousands of potential pot stock millionaires to do the same.

From L.A. to San Francisco…

Sacramento to San Diego…

And all 58 counties and 482 cities in between…

There’s a wild frenzy going on all over the Golden State.

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs just like Yvonne…

Dispensary owners, growers, manufacturers, edible makers, weed-based wonder drug producers, venture capitalists, marijuana real estate mavens…

They’re all scrambling like crazy to get their own licenses in hand.

The California recreational cannabis market is officially opened for business.

It's the single biggest day in the history of the legal cannabis market.

Greg Meguerian, owner of the Reefinery in Los Angeles, said it best:

"It’s the California gold rush all over again!"

Greg Megueria, Owner Reefinery, Los Angeles, CA

California already has the biggest medical marijuana market in the U.S., topping an estimated $2 billion in sales a year.

That number is expected to grow 10-fold.

Research firm ICF International estimates sales revenues to go as high as $20 billion a year.

With that much money on the line, millionaires – and even billionaires – will be minted overnight.

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green plans to be one of them.

And you should, too.

The best part is you don’t have to grow weed, sell weed, smoke weed, or even like weed to get rich from the California green gold rush.

All you have to do is invest in the stock market.

And that’s why we’re here with this exclusive Summit.

We’re going to show you how to set yourself up with the right cannabis companies so you can make a fast fortune in the California marijuana boom.

Michael Robinson

Joining us now from California to explain exactly what’s happening and how to profit…

Is Michael Robinson – Money Morning’s Director of Venture Capital Research.

He’s a 34-year Silicon Valley veteran who has been front and center of this marijuana stock boom since the beginning.

In fact, Michael’s market-leading The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions… a comprehensive pot stock investing guide released last year… has been a runaway hit with nearly 100,000 copies claimed in just the last few months alone.

In this report, Michael personally vetted and recommended America’s most lucrative pot stocks… that helped investors make an absolute fortune with massive windfalls.

This is a market that is on fire – with no shortage of windfall opportunities…

All told, at least 21 marijuana stocks surged over 1,000% during the last year.

That’s worth repeating: 21 weed stocks – all legally trading on American stock exchanges…

Have surged not just over 100%… but over 1,000%.

Stocks like…

Vapor Group, a seller of electronic vaporizer devices. Its shares soared 1,550%…

OWC Pharmaceutical, which develops marijuana-based treatments for migraines, exploded 5,305%…

And Signal Bay, a weed market research firm, spiked an incredible 7,367%.

But here’s even better news for you:

With the California January 1 event, potential profits are lining up to be even more dramatic.

And today, our special guest Michael Robinson is going to show you how to get rich from it.

Michael, it’s so good to have you here.


Bill, it’s my pleasure. I’m glad to be with you.


Michael, you live in California – you’re right in the thick of things there, watching this up front and personal.

Give us a sense of what’s going on…

How big a moneymaking opportunity is this?


Bill, this is the biggest moneymaking opportunity you’ll ever see in your life.

I am not exaggerating.

A lot of my readers think that if they haven’t gotten into cannabis investing, they may have missed the boat.

But I’m here to tell you this is really the true beginning of one of the biggest market events in history.

Right now, California has legalization fever – there’s an absolute frenzy going on.

The amount of money that’s going to come from this is absurd.

You just mentioned ICF’s estimate of a $20 billion weed market in California alone…

Well, the movie industry in Hollywood is a $38 billion market – so this could be half as big just from the start.

And the tiny, publicly traded companies that are ramping this up are going to soar. It’s just that simple.

Look, I’ve been telling people all along…

If you don’t invest in marijuana right now, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.

It’s the best chance I’ve ever seen to turn a small amount of money… even just $50 or $100… into thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars… in an incredibly short period of time.

Now of course, gains like these are exceptional… they certainly don’t happen every day, and like all investing, nothing is guaranteed…

But the potential here is what makes weed investing so exciting.


Well, it’s clear from your history you know a huge stock market opportunity when you see one.

Back here in Baltimore, we get gushing thank you letters and emails from your readers every day.

I have some in my hand right now.

One of your readers wrote in saying he made over $39,000 in just a month a half by following your recommendations.

"Michael, You’ve given me the greatest investment I have ever made. Profit as of today, $39,593. Thank you so very much!"

Bill Reed

Another says he made $17,000 in about three weeks.

"Michael, Three of your picks gave me triple-digit gains. I’m up $17,000!"

Jonaton Guzman

Here’s one guy who is $20,000 richer today thanks to you Michael.

"Michael, I took your advice on several positions – achieved an average 75% gain. I’m up $20,000 as of today. Thank you!"

Vaughn Caplan

Here’s another that says he made nearly $45,000 – in under a month. Now he’s targeting his first million.

"Michael, From October 1 thru 31, I made $44,958.88. That is more money than I ever made in 30 days. I am going to be a millionaire."

George Williams

And these are just a few examples of dozens upon dozens of letters you’ve received…

The amount of money these folks made is incredible.


Well, this has been a gold rush, plain and simple.

29 states have already legalized medical marijuana in the U.S.

Eight states, plus Washington D.C., have made recreational use completely legal.

It’s only a matter of time before the whole country legalizes cannabis in some form or another.

But like I said…

California is the big kahuna.

Here’s an amazing stat Bill:

By itself, California is the sixth largest economy in the world.

It’s bigger than France’s, India’s, Italy’s, Brazil’s, even Russia’s! It’s huge. Something like $2.5 trillion.

  1. U.S. – $18 Trillion
  2. China – $11 Trillion
  3. Japan – $4.4 Trillion
  4. Germany – $3.4 trillion
  5. United Kingdom – $2.9 trillion
  6. California – $2.5 trillion
  7. France – $2.4 trillion
  8. India – $2.1 trillion
  9. Brazil – $1.8 trillion
  10. Canada – $1.6 trillion
  11. Russia – $1.3 trillion

California by itself will be the largest cannabis market in the world.

Not even the entire country of Canada can compare!

And ever since Prop 64 passed last November legalizing cannabis for recreational use across the state…

There’s been a wild frenzy to get in on this.

You know I live in Silicon Valley – and I can tell you… VC folks here are so excited.

They’re pumping tens of millions into cannabis companies.

Bill, you’ve probably heard of Benchmark Capital… those are the brilliant VC guys that launched Twitter, Uber, Snapchat, and Instagram…

Well, now Benchmark is “all in” on pot, too.

In fact, they just poured eight million bucks into a tiny startup… called Hound Labs… that’s developed a pot detecting breathalyzer device for safe-driving.

It’s no secret in Silicon Valley that demand for legal pot will be enormous and these tiny companies are going to take off.


I read that demand is going to be so high… companies are stockpiling massive loads of cannabis in order to make sure they can fulfill the huge rush.


It’s true.

Companies in California are absolutely stockpiling pot!

The demand is off the charts, and they don’t want their businesses to be left empty-handed.

In fact, get this…

California lawmakers could even declare a state of emergency if the state runs out of marijuana supply.


That’s incredible.


Well, they’re worried, because it actually happened this year in Nevada.

Nevada ran out of pot – and the governor there made history by declaring a state of emergency!

It paid off…

In Nevada, legalization for recreational sales began this past July.

Do you know how much money was made the very first month?

$27 million!

The next month they sold even more – $33.5 million.

In fact, if you want to get a glimpse into just how big cannabis sales will be in California next year, just look at the impact full legalization has had on Nevada and Colorado.

In both of those states, marijuana sales are off the charts.

Colorado has been setting records, topping $100 million a month and passing well over $1 billion in marijuana sales already this year.

So Colorado and Nevada combined could sell nearly $2 billion in cannabis this year.


That’s a lot of green for grass.


But here’s the thing.

Population wise, compared to California – Colorado and Nevada are just tiny blips.

I mean, California has 39 million people – that’s eight times the population of Colorado’s 5.5 million.

And Nevada has one of the smallest populations of any state in the U.S. – just 3 million people.

So the population differences are astronomic.

That’s why, as you mentioned earlier, ICF International – a highly respected research firm by the way – is estimating the California market could go as high as $20.2 billion per year.


Just so we’re clear:

That $20.2 billion a year is coming from cannabis sales in California alone. Not including the rest of the states like Washington, Colorado, or Nevada?



It includes revenues for recreational and medical marijuana sales.

And keep in mind, pot tourism to California is going to be insane.

So-called “wine tourists” already come to California in droves, spending about $7.2 billion a year visiting places like Napa Valley.

So if they’re spending that much money on wine… which you can buy anywhere… imagine how much money they’ll spend on marijuana… which you can’t legally purchase in most other places.


Speaking of alcohol, Michael…

Something really big just happened concerning one of the most famous beer brands in the world.

I’m sure our listeners would love for you to talk about the ramifications.

I mean, if there was ever a better proof point for investing in tiny pot stocks right now…

This is a smoking gun!


Are you talking about Corona?




Yep, this was big news indeed.

In case anyone missed it, on October 30, a company called Constellation Brands… you may know them as the company behind Corona beer… jumped into the pot market… big time.

Get this…

Corona shelled out $191 million for a nearly 10% stake in a tiny publicly traded company called Canopy Growth Corp.

Not surprisingly, Canopy’s stock shot through the roof – going 23% higher in a matter of hours after the announcement.

Now, Canopy is a Canadian company… but it doesn’t matter. This is the new world reality, Bill.

You’re going to start seeing a whole lot of mainstream players – whether it’s big beer and big tobacco companies looking to jump into the new recreational adult market… or big pharma companies looking to cash out on the medical side…

You’re going to see a lot of these mega-companies buying up… or buying into… tiny U.S. pot stocks like clockwork.

When that happens, dozens of tiny pot stocks will soar just like Canopy Growth – maybe even higher.


I agree. The more pot becomes a mainstream investment, the more you’ll see the big companies jumping in to get a piece of this huge market share.

Now Michael, in a minute you’re going to share with our listeners details of your best pot stock recommendations.

In fact, you’d like to show them how over the next six to 12 months they could cash out with 15,251% gains across a handful of plays connected to this big event – which is pretty massive.

But before you do, let me ask you…

You’ve been following this cannabis market for a long time now.

In fact, you noticed a clear pattern: Every time legislation passes, it delivers a massive upward jolt to a group of pot stocks, creating marijuana millionaires virtually overnight.

Going back only a few years, a handful of new marijuana laws helped propel 64 weed stocks past 1,000% gains.

Eleven of those stocks actually soared past 10,000%... five past 25,000%... three past 50,000%, and that’s not even the record winner.

One stock even surged more than 130,000%.

So my question is: Are you expecting the same kinds of windfalls from this California event?


I am. I absolutely am.

There is a caveat.

You see, I believe we are truly witnessing the end of the pot penny stock.

Here’s what I mean…

Up until now, most of the companies in the pot stock market are all tiny startups, trading for under $5… sometimes under even $1.

But I think that’s all going to change.

We are witnessing a historic moment in time when investors will get their last chance to invest in bona fide penny pot stocks before the best ones start trading for $10… $15… $20… even $100 is possible.

Look at GW Pharmaceuticals.

They were one of the very first companies to develop cannabis-based drugs.

So they were kind of like the pre-pioneers!

They’ve developed a potential blockbuster cannabis-based drug for treating epilepsy in children called Epidiolex.

It’s close to getting FDA approval right now and it could be huge.

But look at their stock. Five years ago, it was only available on the OTC market for around $8. Today it’s trading on the NASDAQ and a single share costs $117.

That’s a 1,184% gain.

And they don’t even have their product on the market yet!

So what’s happening now with California – the sixth largest economy in the entire world – legalizing – and legitimatizing – cannabis is that you’re going to see a whole lot of GW Pharmaceuticals…

Meaning a whole lot of tiny penny pot stocks are going to become huge players trading on the major exchanges – making the earliest investors the biggest fortunes.

That’s why I say this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


You’ve made a lot of really great points here Michael, as always… about getting in now while the industry is still just getting started. You and I have been around a long time.

Certainly long enough to know what happens if you stand around kicking the tires and thinking too long…

You get left behind and you miss out on the really big gains.


This is every investor’s dream…

To get into a new industry before it truly explodes.

This is like investing in Microsoft or Google or Amazon before the internet revolution…

When those iconic companies were just penny stocks.


So Michael, let’s get right to these California weed companies you like and the blockbuster 15,251% potential.

If I am interested in investing in California cannabis... how do I know which companies to invest in? Which ones are best?


Well, I’ve been anticipating this event for a long time now – ever since the November 8, 2016 election.

My team and I have spent a good year pouring over data for virtually every pot stock in existence… specifically the ones we believe could have the biggest impact in California.

We looked at everything, really – products, marketing plans… infrastructure, leadership, revenues, capital expenditures, stock charts… you name it.

And after all that research was compiled, I boiled it down to three specific firms. All three cover different parts of the weed ecosystem.

One is a grower…

One is a holding company…

And the third is a truly unique specialty firm that I believe will soon rule the entire legal cannabis world. This is an empire in the making.


So all three weed companies could see historic gains because of California legalization?


Yes, absolutely.

Now, I should mention: These companies are really tiny – two trade for under $1 right now.

And I want to make it very clear… penny stocks are riskier and more volatile than your run-of-the-mill stocks.

But this is exactly what makes investing in pot stocks so exciting right now during this early pioneer phase.

Think about it…

When the billon dollars start pouring into the California recreational weed market, these small companies could see their revenues quadruple.

By just putting a couple of hundred bucks now into these California weed companies…

You could make truly life-changing gains – the kind that could turn a few hundred bucks…

Into a few hundred thousand dollars overnight.


Awesome, Michael, tell us about the first one, the grower.


I love this company, Bill.

In fact, as crazy as this sounds…

There could be as many as 3,500 growers in California by next year, but my research indicates this is the only grower truly positioned to rake in millions come January 1.

Their stock is dirt cheap. But not for long.

You see, this company has already figured out exactly how to operate in a boom recreational market like the one about to happen in California.

Call it the Nevada test run…

When Nevada went totally legal last July, these guys were amazingly prepared.

First, they made a couple of brilliant strategic acquisitions that expanded their cultivation and production of cannabis, buying new facilities in both Sparks and Reno, Nevada…

Then they added four new super-successful dispensaries.

The result was they boosted their sales by 82%!


That’s a pretty big number for such a small company.


It is, and it’s only going to get better, Bill.

For the big show in California, they’re ramping up exactly the same way they did in Nevada – even more so.

First, they acquired one of the biggest medical dispensaries in my neck of the woods – Oakland – a dispensary which services over 42,000 patients.

Then, they followed up by constructing brand new dispensaries in both Santa Ana and San Leandro, California – both expected to be fully operational in early 2018.

However, their biggest coup was the major agreement they signed to grow their proprietary high grade cannabis flowers in Salinas, California – in high-tech, climate controlled greenhouses.

Look, the execs at this company are seriously ambitious. In just a few short years, they have built a multipronged cannabis business from scratch.

I believe their stock will soar. My projection based on one-year revenue from organic growth plus their share of marijuana sales is 1,109%.


That’s just for one year?



A year from now, I see them conservatively at $2.30.

But 2 to 3 years from now – watch out. This could be one of those 25,000% gainers.


That sounds really awesome. Tell us about the next company you like.


Okay, the next one is that jack of all trades I was telling you about.

What I like about them is how they give investors exposure to four critical segments of the California cannabis market: Growing, branding, consulting, and security.

What I love about them is their security expertise.


Security? You mean like protection of crops?


Absolutely, Bill. The demand for security services in California is skyrocketing.

Think about it…

The legal cannabis industry grew from basically $0 to $5.4 billion in sales almost overnight.

But there’s a problem.

Most banks – especially federally insured ones – still refuse to handle transactions from cannabis retailers and growers.

In fact, cannabis operators have been forced to rely almost exclusively on cash to transact business.

And where there’s that much cash, there’s a tremendous need for security.

That’s where these guys come in.

I recently met with their top executives – and I can tell you… they have one of the most sought-after cannabis security services in the country.

It’s not run by Hell’s Angels.

It’s run by former Marines, Green Berets, and Special Ops soldiers who are all combat veterans from the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One of their top executives was recently featured on VICE. These guys are seriously tough dudes.

And very smart.

Back in March, the company made a brilliant move…

They already saw significant growth in Colorado, but they went and set up a second shop in California. So for nearly a year, they’ve been setting up contracts. And now they’re ready to roll.

Again, Bill, this is a tiny stock.

But with all of the areas this company specializes in, it’s one of the biggest no-brainers of the year. I project gains of 6,587%.


Alright, Michael, that’s two. Let’s go for the hat-trick. Give us your third one.


Well, this third company could be my favorite.

I said earlier that I believe this company could soon rule the entire cannabis world – and I believe it.

Here’s why:

What’s the most important thing a state government like California is going to require from its cannabis growers and cultivators?




Yep… and standardization.

People don’t realize this but there are approximately 779 known cannabis strains in the world.

And new strains are being developed every day.

So states like California will have state specific guidelines to making sure those strains that go out to the public are safe.

And biopharmaceutical companies want to make sure they have the right strain of cannabis for the meds they’re developing…

Only one company I know of has a stranglehold on both of these markets.

And right now it’s trading for under $1.

You could see this stock soar as high as 7,545%.


That’s your projection?



This company is mostly comprised of a lot of really smart scientists who do a lot of testing.

I’m not talking about a bunch of academics writing up studies.

I’m talking about scientists who actually grow and extract their own cannabis – using proprietary techniques they’ve designed to reduce impurities… make sure the weed is sterile… and standardized.

Their weed is completely pesticide- and mold-free… all grown in very controlled facilities this company solely operates.

Their main business is to develop these standardized cannabis growing methods – then partner with the companies actually growing and cultivating massive quantities – to make certain what they’re doing is standardized as well.

They also work heavily with biotech firms developing the highest quality medical-grade cannabis.

In fact, right now, they have several breakthrough patents pending…

Patents I believe could be a goldmine for this tiny company.

One is a complex cannabinoid mixture for neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and, Dementia…

Another is anti-inflammatory treatment…

Another is for heart disease…

Any one of these patents could turn this tiny company into a billion-dollar firm overnight.

And that’s why I say they will one day rule the world.

At some point, every biotech using cannabis to make life-changing medicine, could have to go through these guys.

They could be huge.


So you said you think they could spike 7,545%. Well, I did the math while you were talking.

If you add up the gains for those three companies, you’re looking at a 15,251% potential windfall?

Yes, and I ran the numbers too

If you invested just $500 into each of these companies, you could be looking at a return of $230,265.

$1,000 in each could land you $459,030.

And $5,000 in each could make you a millionaire – $2,302,650 to be exact.


Plus, as you mentioned, those projections are actually conservative.

These companies could go much, much higher.


It all comes down to what we were talking about earlier.

We’re looking at a potential $20 billion juggernaut – in California alone!

Look at how much money was made in Nevada the first month of its own total legalization in July: $27 million.

And Nevada only has a population of 3 million – compared to California’s 39 million!

So even if these tiny companies only grab a small portion of the market, it will be like a giant gusher of cash pouring into their coffers.


So Michael, it's pretty clear that a lot of people could become marijuana millionaires from companies like these…

And you have a special announcement for all the folks listening right now.

You’ve compiled everything they need to know about these California stocks, that you’re talking about here… into a single detailed, powerful briefing, correct?


That’s right, Bill.

In fact, I want to send this briefing to everyone listening today – for free.

I’m calling it: The California Pot Stock Explosion: How to Grab 15,251% Gains From the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Market History. Like I said, my team and I have been researching this for over a year, ever since last November’s election.

We’ve examined every possible company.

We’ve studied balance sheets, products, market size, revenue potential, executive teams…

We’ve narrowed it down to the three best firms.

One is trading for just over a dollar, the other two trading for under a dollar.

Bill, you know I’m a conservative guy.

I’d rather under-promise and over-deliver.

But even based on my most conservative estimates, my projections show you could pocket 15,251% profits or more over the next 12 months from these tiny startups.

If you want to cash in on this historic opportunity, Bill, this is your ticket.


That is awesome, Michael.

So listeners…

Just so you’re clear here today…

In Michael Robinson’s investor briefing called The California Pot Stock Explosion: How to Grab 15,251% Gains From the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Market History, you’re going to get all the details on his three best California pot stocks…

You’ve got the “top line” grower who already made a fortune in Nevada… a potential 1,109% gainer…

Then you have the jack of all trades cannabis company that is set to monopolize the market with their marijuana security division.

It’s run by Green Berets and U.S. war heroes who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq…

This company has a huge footprint in California already.

Michael estimates it will surge over 6,000%...

You’ll also get details on the tiny company run by scientists.

These guys have been developing proprietary technology designed to help cannabis growers and manufacturers produce safe, California compliant weed.

They also will be instrumental in testing new strains of medicinal cannabis that could end up saving lives…

Michael estimates this company will gain 7,545%.

If you add it all up, you’re looking at 15,251% gains from these three California stocks.

Obviously, the potential for gains is enormous here.

But I know from working with you for such a long time that you’re a straight shooter…

And you lay all the cards on the table for your subscribers and your readers. Tell us a little about the risks too.


You know, I am more than happy to, because any investment includes risk, right?

It’s all about the risk-reward ratio.

And so this is what’s important.

I see a really great opportunity here.

Of course, past performance is never a guarantee of future results.

And quadruple-digit gains aren’t exactly commonplace in the stock market.

So I can’t guarantee which or if any of these stocks will hit quadruple digits.

But think about this, Bill…

Not long ago, Stevia Corp. – it’s a U.S. marijuana grower – saw its stock soar 30,426% in under a year and a half.

So – and this is really amazing – $500 in Stevia Corp. could have delivered you $152,630.

Another company… Green Cures Botanical Distribution.

It also was a pot penny stock that exploded to $5.92 a share for a 36,412% gain.


Peak Pharmaceuticals is another great example.

Between November 2010 and April of 2014, the share price of this penny stock soared 53,471%.

That to me is mind-blowing.

It would be enough to transform $500 into $267,855!


So what you’re saying is if you pick the right penny stocks, it can change your life?


And you don’t even have to risk a whole lot of money.

With penny stocks like these, you can turn just $50 or $100 bucks into life-changing windfalls.

Now, here’s another thing that’s really important… that we haven’t talked about yet.

I actually see not just one… but three big catalysts for these weed stocks in 2018.

First, of course, is that initial January 1 kickoff.

But there’s a second big catalyst…

I’m talking about earnings announcements… specifically in the second quarter.

You see, by then, these companies will have had a chance to fulfill contracts, make partnerships, and pile up cash in their coffers.

So when the market hears the good news – it could be a buying frenzy… and the stock price will get a huge lift.

But if you get into these stocks now, you’ll likely be at the lowest price possible – meaning you could make a quick fortune.

One more thing…

Sometime next year, the California black market – the illegal trade for pot – will disappear.


Government crackdown?


And that means going forward, it’s going to be through pot stocks. Yes, that and also… supply and demand.

Once supply and demand evens out, legal cannabis prices should naturally come down.

That will pretty much wipe away the illegal market for good. It will boost sales tremendously for these three little companies. Plus remember, right now, these three companies are so small that…

Even if just one of them hits it big, you’d be telling that story for the rest of your life.


Now, Michael, your briefing, The California Pot Stock Explosion: How to Grab 15,251% Gains From the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Market History is valued at $149.

But you’re here to tell folks how they can get a copy of this briefing for free?


Correct, everyone can get a free copy.

I’m going to tell you how in just a moment…

But first, I have another surprise for everyone…

California isn’t the only huge place completely legalizing cannabis in 2018.

It’s coming to Canada too.

This will happen in July.

Now, population-wise, Canada is smaller than California.

But the thing about this is…

Canada will be the first North American country to completely legalize cannabis… both for medical and recreational uses...

And Canada has a ton of pot stocks.

I’ve identified eight I think will deliver the biggest gains next year.

I put them in another report called How to Make a Fast Fortune on Canada’s Upcoming Total Legalization of Marijuana. And Bill…

I’d like to give that to all of the listeners today for free as well.


Wow, that’s incredible. So on top of the three best California pot stocks, everyone listening today can also receive your eight best Canadian penny pot stocks?




Can you give us a sneak preview of what’s in this Canadian report?



Again, my team and I spent months researching this.

We looked at every Canadian cannabis company – their earning potential, product line, executive team, balance sheets – everything…

And we’ve boiled it down to the eight best.

I love all of these companies.

One I call the of weed.

You know how Amazon has those giant distribution facilities?

Well, this company has a nearly 60,000 square foot facility for growing, cultivating, and harvesting… several different strains of marijuana.

Then, just like Amazon, customers can order products online.

Everything gets delivered directly to your door. You just click a few buttons on your computer…

And everything is sent to you in an unmarked white box.

There’s no red tape, no waiting in line, no bureaucracy to deal with.

You never even have to speak to anyone if you don’t want to.

And their distribution network really is a work of art.

This stock is only trading for around $6 a share. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see it increase 10-fold.


That sounds great. What other companies do you have in this report?


Another company I love is the first weed company in Canada supplying businesses – not consumers… just businesses… with weed and weed-related products.

Think of them as a big weed wholesaler.

What they do is secure long-term contracts.

The contracts can be with dispensaries, edible makers, biotech firms… cannabis oil extract makers… anyone.

So the growth potential is off the charts.

And here’s the thing:

It’s only trading for a little over $1 right now.

Another company I really love is a $3 Canadian grower with a unique niche.

Everything they grow is 100% organic.

That means no synthetic and chemical pesticides that could be very dangerous to patients who use their medical marijuana.

They’re aiming to be the biggest producer in the industry.

This year they plan to expand their capacity to 17,000 kilograms of weed per year.

In fact, just to show you how excited investors are about them…

One of Canada’s biggest investment firms – with over $50 billion in assets recently bought a $35 million stake.


If that’s not a buy signal, Michael, I don’t know what is…


When you think about what’s coming…

I’m talking about 100% legalization of marijuana in a big country like Canada…

There’s not one iota of doubt that the folks listening to us right now… will have the chance to make a life-changing fortune.


That’s awesome, Michael. So you’d like to send both of these reports to listeners absolutely free.

The California-focused The California Pot Stock Explosion: How to Grab 15,251% Gains From the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Cannabis Market History.

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Which contains the absolute eight best publicly traded pot stocks in Canada.

It’s like you’re giving them both barrels. All the best pot stocks in California and all the best pot stocks in Canada.

Both at the same time.

Now, you mentioned to me that, given the size of some of these marijuana companies…

You have to limit access to these reports. So you can only allow 1,000 people to take you up on this offer today?


That’s true, Bill.

These pot stocks are so small that we have to be careful how many people get my research on them.

But I am going to make this as easy as possible for those who want to get all of my analysis…

And the opportunity to jump on these California and Canadian stocks is right now.

I will be sending both reports for free to the first 1,000 people today…

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Okay, for folks listening who don’t yet know…

Nova-X Report is one of the best investing newsletters out there.

It’s your investment research newsletter focused on tiny, little-known companies on the verge of breaking out.

These companies could be tech companies from Silicon Valley… they could be pot stocks…

You even tell your readers how to get fantastically rich from Bitcoin and other crypto currencies – another specialty of yours.

And your track record is unbelievable.

I have it sitting in front of me…

In your closed and open portfolio over the last 22 months alone, you’ve given your subscribers 59 double-digit… and triple-digit winners, including gains of 265% on Nvidia Corp., 213% on Broadcom… 107% on Veeva Systems…

111% on Skyworks Solutions, 100% on Immunomedics… and 198% on Universal Display Corp…

Just to name a few.

And that doesn’t even include your pot stock winners – these are just your regular portfolio plays.

Michael, explain Nova-X Report’s role in everything we talked about today.

How does this fit in with what you’re doing here?


Well, with Nova-X Report, Bill…

I’m looking for small companies with a stranglehold…

Could be a technology, a medical treatment, a process innovation…

If this gives them a stranglehold on a sector with billions of dollars of potential, that's what I'm looking for.

Nova-X Report takes folks behind the curtain, so to speak, so they can tap into…

The greatest source of individual wealth creation in the history of the human race.


You’re talking, of course, about innovation.


Yes, I am. Things like Bitcoin, for instance. It’s one of the hottest investment stories today… but I alerted my readers about it.

In June of 2013, I alerted readers that the time to get into this digital currency had arrived.

That's because, just weeks before, I had met with several CEOs, founders, and venture capitalists in California.

They were at the forefront, developing the currency exchanges and investment funds…

That would push Bitcoin into the headlines.

At the time, Bill, you know in retrospect it sounds kind of crazy, but it was trading for just $90.

I want to repeat that, Bitcoin at that time was trading for just $90.

But then Bitcoin skyrocketed 1,192% over the five months that followed.

And today, it’s gone as high as $11,377. People from across the country were making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"I am not a wealthy man. I invested in Bitcoin to support my family. I've made $201,250."

Aaron G.

"I spent $1,000 to buy Bitcoin. They were recently worth $1.2 million."

Jared K.

Some were even banking millions.

I look at investing in marijuana stocks today just like I did Bitcoin back then.

I believe it gives you the chance to become a millionaire.


And you know, Michael, again from having worked with you for a long time…

I know that Bitcoin and pot stocks weren’t the only opportunities that you identified long before anyone else. There was also Rare Earth Metals, which you were the first to recognize in terms of their profit potential.


You know, Bill, that was another specialty of mine…

Because I personally knew the advisors and board members of many rare earth mining companies.

This allowed me to target four specific firms…

Rare Elements Resources Ltd., Avalon Rare Metals Inc., Quest Rare Minerals, and Great Western Minerals Group.

Together, they delivered 990% total gains in only 16 months.

And across the board, my team and I at Money Morning

Have time and time again brought the hottest venture capital-like stock opportunities to our readers.

Some of these we’ve already closed out.

Others are still open, and their peak gains are enormous.

These are the types of opportunities I regularly bring readers of Nova-X Report.


So, Michael, tell us what’s involved in being a Nova-X Report member.


Every month, I send members a hard copy and a digital version of each new edition…

Each edition comes with two new opportunities I’ve personally vetted.

For instance, in a recent Nova-X Report, I shared a pioneer in "cryopreservation" technologies.

This is just starting to be used in cardiac and vascular surgeries involving implantable living human tissue.

Already, 1,000 surgeons at 800 facilities in the U.S. are implementing this company's breakthrough.

But the growth is about to expand to 75 nations.

In another Nova-X Report edition, I found a company that developed a "honeycomb" advanced material.

It could create the lightest and fastest aircrafts in history.

From drones to miracle materials like graphene, 3D bioprinting, “big data”…

We’ve targeted opportunities in all of these areas.

Each monthly edition of Nova-X Report, Bill…

Provides a streamlined analysis of two massive trends and a thorough examination of two investment targets.

I’ll cover each company's financial strength, proprietary technologies, sources of venture capital funding…

And profit projections.

Then every week I’ll release the Nova-X Progress Report.

This keeps readers up to speed on any new developments, product launches, earnings reports, and current gains.

And whenever the moment arrives to collect any profits, members get an instant trade alert.

For instance, Bill, with Micron Technologies…

Folks following my research had the opportunity to get in and out of that trade in a single day.

One reader even let me know he captured 140% from that play while on a cruise.


And you’ve also got a website where everything is stored, correct, Michael?


That’s right, Bill, Nova-X HQ.

This is my exclusive website where I store every intelligence briefing…

Investment recommendation, and alerts.

And if members have any administrative questions with their subscription…

I encourage them to take advantage of the Nova-X VIP Concierge Service.


So clearly, Michael, your Nova-X Report is a very comprehensive service.

You send folks a new issue every month, with up to two new high-tech profit plays…

Progress reports, 24/7 access to the web site, and a VIP concierge service to answer all administrative questions.

The website gives members full access to all of your research, all of your reports, all of your past issues…


And all that for a price of $299

A lot of the listeners tonight are readers of my Strategic Tech Investor

And as I said earlier, I’ve been beating the drum very loudly about taking a chance and getting into the legal cannabis market.

I predicted these tiny companies would see huge gains.…

I also predicted a big chunk of states would vote to legalize cannabis – and create a huge windfall for tiny pot stocks.


And, Michael, that’s exactly what happened.


That’s right.

And for thousands of folks who’ve already joined Nova-X

Received my original Roadmap to Marijuana Millions report, and made small investments in U.S. pot stocks…

Well, Bill, the payoff was enormous.

Like you said earlier, the marijuana industry absolutely exploded.

Folks made thousands upon thousands of extra dollars.

A small stake in this red hot market could have made them instant millionaires.

So I congratulate those people for going with their guts, being bold, and making the move to invest in marijuana.

And as I said before, Bill, I am looking at pot purely as a market analyst.

When it comes to pot, all I care about is can investors make money in this market.

And the answer is heck YES – tons of it.

A lot of you folks stood on the sidelines the first go round.

But I sincerely don’t want them to miss this next big opportunity.

Like I said, California is on the verge of being the biggest legal cannabis market in the world.

The three California penny pot stocks I’m recommending could soon double, triple – even quadruple.

And I want to make sure those who stood by on the sidelines last time don’t miss this historic opportunity.

Look at it this way: A small stake in any of the three California pot stocks I’m recommending…

Could make you more money in the stock market than you’ve ever made in your life!

Plus Canada’s full blow legalization is coming up soon as well.

This is a huge market too.

And Canadian pot companies are going to be raking in a bundle.  

So I also don’t want people to miss out on these Canadian pot stocks either.


So, Michael, that’s why your letting everyone get both of your pot stock investment reports for free…

Along with subscription to your Nova-X Report for just $299.


That’s right, Bill.

You can try Nova-X Report right now for only $299.

I’m also authorizing a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, if you feel this isn't right for you…

All you have to do is contact me, and I will instantly return every penny of your membership dues.

No questions asked.

And you can keep my guide: The California Pot Stock Explosion: How to Grab 15,251% Gains From the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Market History.

As well as How to Make a Fast Fortune on Canada’s Upcoming Total Legalization of Marijuana

Both as my gifts regardless of your decision.


Wow, Michael, that’s amazing. And it’s really a generous offer for the folks listening here today.

Just to recap for you, folks…

Michael Robinson has just authorized a special one-time offer…

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If you act now you will have Michael’s three top California pot penny stocks in your hands with his full report…

The California Pot Stock Explosion: How to Grab 15,251% Gains From the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Market History.


That’s right, Bill.

And the three handpicked stocks in this report could make you an instant millionaire.


Then Michael is going to send you How to Make a Fast Fortune on Canada’s Upcoming Total Legalization of Marijuana

Here you’ll get EIGHT Canadian pot stocks set to soar as Canada becomes the biggest country in the world to completely legalize marijuana for both recreation and medical use.

You’ll also get Nova-X Report – the best investment newsletter in the market today.

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And again, if you’re listening right now, you and you can get all of this…

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I want to thank you for taking part in this special

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I’m Bill Patalon, and on behalf of myself and Michael Robinson, good day.

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November 2017

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