No More Wires, Plugs, or Batteries EVER AGAIN

Dear Reader,

Your life is about to be impacted by one of the most stunning transformations the world has ever witnessed.

A transformation every bit as monumental as when the world went from candles…

To light bulbs.

All thanks to a new scientific breakthrough Forbes is calling,

And The Washington Times says,

In fact, it’s so mindboggling, you’re going to think it’s science-fiction.

But this new form of electricity is 100% real.

What this new magic electricity is capable of doing will absolutely blow you away

Going on a camping trip?

Imagine having a mini-refrigerator stocked up with hot dogs and beer right inside your tent.

While you’re at it, bring a toaster oven and heat up some bagels for breakfast. 

With NanoCrystal Electricity, everything will magically run everywhere – and anywhere – on its own.

Having a cocktail party in the backyard where there are no power outlets? No problem.

With NanoCrystal Electricity, your blender will crush ice and whip up some frozen margaritas – wire free.   

Going to a big football game when the temperature is five below zero?

Take a portable heater and blow hot air under your seat!

This is the new world of electricity.

A stunning breakthrough that powers up everything without plugs and cords is now set to revolutionize the world.

David Pogue, the award-winning tech journalist from Scientific American says,

Marty Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone, says this new electricity is,

And the famed scientist Stephen Hawking, the most brilliant man of our generation, was so amazed by this new electricity, he simply said,

Imagine the freedom you could soon enjoy…

It could turn on every lamp in your house – without a plug.

It could power up any TV – without a single connection to an electrical outlet, modem, or cable box.

It could keep your smartphone always 100% charged – even when it’s in your pocket.

And that’s just the easy stuff.

Unbound by cords, there is no limit to what this NanoCrystal Electricity technology could do.

Running late for work and don’t have time to make your daily protein shake at home?

No problem, take your blender on the subway – and make it there.

All your appliances will just turn on – wherever.

Heck, you could set up your washing machine and dryer and do your laundry in the middle of the living room floor if you want. 

Then roll it into your kitchen. It doesn’t matter where it is. It’ll work like magic.

Play the electric guitar?

How would you like to jam – without ever connecting to an amp? Just start strumming – and you’ll hear the electric sound reverberate on its own.

Of course, this new electricity will run on a steady flow of electrons like all electricity.

But the beauty of this new electricity is you never have to plug into anything.

You’ll be completely wire free. 

The possibilities are endless…

You could drive cross-country and never have to worry about your kid’s iPod Touch or DVD player going dead.

Heck, they can take the TV and play Xbox in the back seat.

You won’t have to settle for foul-tasting gas station coffee either…

With this new magic electricity, bring your own coffee maker and brew the good stuff right in the car!

In fact, soon you won’t even have to stop for gas

That’s because this new NanoCrystal Electricity is going to put an end to the combustion engine and send electric car production through the roof.

With this new electricity, your car will be able to magically power itself as you’re waiting at a red light… or pulling into a parking lot… or even as you drive down the freeway.

Elon Musk and the geniuses at Tesla were the visionaries who saw this coming.

But the mainstream auto makers are now waking up fast, realizing NanoCrystal Electricity technology is the future.

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S550e already has the necessary receiver onboard – ready to roll.

Volkswagen is also planning to put NanoCrystal Electricity technology in their fleet of cars.

And Volvo just sent shockwaves around the world: It announced plans to dump its entire fleet of gas-guzzlers and replace them with electric cars or hybrids by 2019.

Make no mistake: Every carmaker in the world is frantically pursuing what I call NanoCrystal Electricity technology.  

Some experts predict this will be a standard feature for every electric vehicle by 2020 at the latest.

For good reason: With this groundbreaking new technology readily available, why would anyone want to buy an electric car that requires you to fiddle with a dangerous and dirty high-voltage plug, when you can glide over a charger with RF technology?

No more messing with foul-smelling gas pumps either.

Since analysts are saying that 35% of all vehicles on the road will be electric within the next two decades, and with populations increasing exponentially around the globe, we are truly witnessing a revolutionary movement.

Throw away all your batteries, too

You won’t need them.

With this new electricity, your electric razor… clocks… watches… power tools… and remote controls will never run out of power again.

Your smoke detector will never go unarmed.

Your hearing aid will never stop working.

Your flashlight will never die…

Your smartphone, iPod, and laptop will never shutdown.

Make no mistake: The impact of this new electricity will be beyond anything you’ve witnessed in your lifetime.

I know it may be difficult to wrap your head around…

After all, we’ve been plugging things into electrical outlets for 120 years.

And we buy batteries like crazy – $10.7 billion worth every year.

But as, Maxim magazine said about this new form of electricity:

“Of all the technology we’ve seen, this has the biggest potential to completely change our lives.”

In April of this year, a select group of 3,000 of the world’s most celebrated scientists, engineers, and CEOs, including Jeff Immelt, of GE, and Dr. Astro Teller, from the famed Google X unit, came together at the historic Capitale Ballroom in New York City where this discovery was revealed.

Those evaluating this breakthrough concluded:

“This Is the Future.”

A future that will lead to…

And that’s only scratching the surface. Think about the bigger picture…

All those ugly (and dangerous) power lines – gone!

We won’t need them. 

Power will be available anywhere and everywhere.

Yes, we’re looking at a top-to-bottom overhaul of the world’s entire power structure – because of how NanoCrystal Electricity on this scale completely transforms the way we get our electricity.

And the overhaul is going to be massive…

Right now, the world’s biggest appliance and electronic manufacturers have joined forces in an unprecedented alliance to push NanoCrystal Electricity into the mainstream as fast as possible, including:

• Motorola • Lenovo • Panasonic
• Samsung • Fujitsu • Canon
• Bose • Sharp • 3M
• TDK Corp. • Dell • Sony
• ST Micro • Hitachi • LG
• Texas Instruments • Toshiba • Qualcomm

Why are these big corporations – normally at each other’s throats – suddenly cooperating?

Starbucks Has Already Installed Versions of This Tech

Because they see vast profits on the horizon. And now they are chomping at the bit to get this new NanoCrystal Electricity standardized and operational.

In fact, I’ve uncovered research strongly suggesting that…

Apple is secretly rejiggering its iPhones to be compatible with NanoCrystal Electricity.

Apple wants to beat everyone to the punch – and be ready the minute this new magic electricity goes “live.”

It could happen as early as 2018, as some of the most popular businesses on the planet prepare for launch.

Many businesses have already installed their own versions of this technology, including Starbucks, the Marriott hotel chain, even McDonalds.

Major airports like JFK, Newark, Miami, and LAX have already implemented it, too.

Once other large companies realize the potential of this technology, it won’t be long before NanoCrystal Electricity is everywhere.

Restaurants… donut shops… cafes… subways… train stations… sports stadiums… amusement parks… shopping malls...

Imagine going to an airport and never having to fight for a spot at one of those crowded charging tables. 

All your gadgets, phones, and computers will work on their own.

Even entire cities are gearing up to roll out this breakthrough.

In fact, China is getting ready to launch this magic power in Shenzhen, a huge metropolis of 11 million people that connects Hong Kong to the mainland.

It’ll begin in hotels and office buildings and expand from there.

The New Standard For Hospitals

At this rate, this technology will be the new standard for hospitals as well.

No more worrying about a loved one confined to a hospital bed and connected to so many wires that they cannot even go to the bathroom.

This new electricity is going to end all that.

Patients can leave their bed, walk around the hospital, even take a shower – and still have their vital signs, blood pressure, and temperature monitored 24/7.

You Can Get A Electrocardiogram From Your Kitchen

Doctors will even be able to monitor patients remotely from their own home.

Heck, soon you’ll be able to get an electrocardiogram in your kitchen.

Implants will be much safer, too.

In the United States, two and a half million people rely on implants like pacemakers to treat serious conditions – from cardiac to diabetes to Parkinson’s. 

But the biggest risk of these implants is infection from the wires, and from the batteries conking out.

Imagine how much more valuable these vital implants become when these twin risks are no longer an issue!

No wonder research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates that a key component of NanoCrystal Electricity will create a $17.71 billion windfall – just in the medical device market alone.

Make no mistake: 

We’re about to witness one of the most massive rollouts in history…

As an entirely new technology is built across the globe – from the ground up.

$3 billion has already been spent on early-stage NanoCrystal Electricity solutions, like those “charging pads” you’ve probably seen or used. 

But this is mere chump change for what’s about to come.  

According to Allied Market Research, this market could quickly balloon by more than 1,000% to $37.2 billion in the first few years.

That’s just in the early “build-out” phase.   

For this new power to work, all known electric devices will need upgrading.

So when you run through all the electronics, entire industries, technologies, and infrastructures that could be affected by this new NanoCrystal Electricity when it goes fully mainstream, the numbers are unfathomable.

After all, electricity accounts for about 40% of the U.S. annual $1.2 trillion energy expense… making it the biggest elephant in the room.

That amounts to about $800 billion that could potentially pour into this magic power technology in the coming years – just in the U.S. alone.

Let me put that into perspective. The entire U.S. Defense Department budget is $598 billion.

So this brand new market could exceed the entire U.S. defense budget – including the cost of entire fleets of battleships, warplanes, tanks, missiles, nuclear bombs, drones, radar, everything – by $200 billion in a single year.

Think about that for a second.

Can you imagine the new wealth that will be created by this new NanoCrystal Electricity when it’s fully integrated into society – not just in the United States but around the world?

The uses are so numerous – it’s hard to quantify. It’s almost like counting grains of sand…

But the analysts at Cisco and IBM have taken a crack at it. 

You may have heard about the Internet of Everything.

With the Internet of Everything in full swing, they say we’ll have a mind-boggling 30 billion electrical devices in the world in a couple years... 

30 billion electrical devices that could potentially run magically with NanoCrystal Electricity.

So when you consider entire world needs, you’re looking at well over $1 trillion dollars – potentially over $5 trillion… maybe even $10 trillion.

You will NEVER have another moneymaking opportunity like you have today – right now!

You see, at the center of this revolution sits one tiny company that’s about to go from virtual obscurity to household name.

Their revolutionary technology is about to fully commercialize NanoCrystal Electricity and bring it onto the world stage.

Not only do they have 53 patents, with 200 pending to protect their market share…

They just signed a $25 million strategic partnership deal with the world’s leading component supplier to begin distributing their technology worldwide.

This mega-manufacturing firm has distribution sites all over the globe – Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Edinburgh, Athens, Istanbul – and of course, Silicon Valley.

It’s a David and Goliath partnership between the tiny NanoCrystal Electricity firm and the giant manufacturer created to do one thing:

Accelerate market adoption of this groundbreaking technology.

To say this tiny Silicon Valley company is in the driver’s seat would be an understatement of epic proportions.

Please understand: We are at the precipice of a completely new world order – everything will be changing.

Over 120 years of plugging in everything is about to end.

Taking a position in this one tiny company today would be like going back in time, back to the day Microsoft introduced Windows and launched a new world of personal computing.

According to our estimates:

We are talking about staggering generation wealth, the kind that could make your family mega-rich today – and keep it that way 100 years from now.

And it all starts with ONE COMPANY at the heart of this massive shift.

Even if you start with just a few dollars – you could make a fortune.

And while no investment is ever guaranteed, what really matters is with an opportunity like this – pure ground floor – it doesn’t matter how much you put in…

What matters is that you get in early.

With their dominant patent pipeline, this tiny tech firm could reap the rewards year after year as this new NanoCrystal Electricity gets fully rolled out.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake. So you are going to want to pay very close attention.

In this short presentation, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.  

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Michael Robinson.

I’m a 30-year Silicon Valley tech investment analyst currently serving on the board of two venture capital firms and advising 12 startups.

Michael Robinson
Director of Venture Capital and Technology Investing

I’ve been fortunate to be part of some of the most exciting tech breakthroughs of the last four decades…

In the early '80s, I was attached to sensitive military projects tied to President Reagan's Strategic Defensive Initiative.

In the late '90s, before "cloud computing" was a buzzword and a $160 billion industry, I was one of five people taking part in a meeting in Oakland, where this big data phenomenon was first mapped out.

After the millennium, I worked with Dave DeWalt, the former CEO of McAfee, on cybersecurity technologies.

I just told you about the "Internet of Everything" and how it’s expected to connect 30 billion electronic devices. Well, a decade ago, I helped to develop the prototype of the microscopic devices that make the Internet of Everything a reality.

That tech later sold for $126 million and is now front-ending a $7 trillion industry.

My work has even been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

And today, I serve as the Director of Venture Capital and Technology Investing for Money Morning, one of the nation’s largest investment publications.

This is a crucial post…

Because I can now leverage my connections and expertise to help show individual investors how to get in on the ground floor of today’s biggest winners…

So you, too, can profit grandly from these Silicon Valley secrets.

And while I’ve been at the center of dozens of mind-blowing technologies, I can assure you now:

Nothing compares to the size and scope of this new NanoCrystal Electricity revolution or the speed it’s coming at us.

This will be one of the biggest technology transformations of our lifetime.

Let me show you how it works…

The staggering brilliance behind this new NanoCrystal Electricity

This is what scientists use to denote the entire range of “light” in the universe. 

Most of the light on the spectrum is invisible to the naked eye.

But it exists all around us in the form of “waves.”

The longest of these are radio waves. They can span the length of an entire football field.

Of course, when you’re listening to music on the radio – those are radio waves creating the sound.

Today we also use radio waves to capture images on television, and to connect with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – among other things.

But nobody ever thought of taking those same radio waves… and turning them into electricity.

At least, not on such a large scale.

Until now.

One tiny company, 1/1,000th the size of GE, has miraculously figured out how to do it. 

Their invention simply takes full advantage of the invisible radio wave frequencies all around us.

Specifically, their uniquely designed transmitter disperses radio waves that look to “pair” with special “charging” receivers built into electronics, appliances, or devices. 

The receiver then converts the signal coming from the transmitter into pure battery juice, powering up everything in its path.

So, for example, your smartphone will be built with the receiver that converts the radio wave into direct current electricity.

And here’s what’s even more incredible:

At the heart of what makes these receivers harness the electricity are powerful crystals.

Power Crystals Generate The Electricity

These crystals are used to generate a signal at a very precise voltage and frequency.

It’s a complicated process.

But to simplify it for you here, the crystal takes the place of the wire – and behaves like a circuit.

When a radio wave hits the crystals, it begins to change shape, producing what scientists call the Piezo-Electric Effect.

This is what creates the electrical charge.

Again, like all electricity, this new power runs on a stream of electrons or ions.

But through the magic of the Piezo-Electric Effect, the crystals convert the radio waves into electrical power – with no plug, cord, wire, or battery involved whatsoever!

How much energy can be produced? Can it power up an entire room – an entire hotel… an entire airport or train station?

As I mentioned, radio waves are the longest waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

They can be as long as an entire football field.

Right now for your home, you’ll need about 15-30 feet between the transmitter and the receiver to keep things charged.

So that’s about one end of your living room to the other.

But this is just for starters.

As soon as the technology spreads, the full range of this new technology will expand into public venues – airports, subway stations, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, amusement parks – you name it.

Eventually NanoCrystal Electricity will extend around the world – like Legos snapped together to extend the power, indefinitely.

And amazingly, one tiny company is at the center of it all.

The company was formed by a brilliant MIT Scientist, an inventor obsessed with wireless power.

I actually first learned about his revolutionary technology when he first introduced it to the world at the famed CES Conference in Las Vegas several years ago.

That day, he gave a jaw-dropping demonstration that left Silicon Valley CEOs and venture capitalists salivating.

He had set up electrical devices – phones, tablets, speakers, computer devices, etc. – all around the room. Then the inventor simply tapped on his smartphone and announced that he was “transmitting power.”

Suddenly the charging bars on all the electronics being used in his demonstration lit up!

Everyone was stunned. All I could think was one thing:

Here’s the greatest inventor since Nikola Tesla…

Not surprisingly, that year the inventor and his tiny company won one of the most coveted awards in the tech world, a highly prestigious BEST of CES Award.

Then he instantly became world famous.

Every investor in the world was knocking down his door looking to get a piece of this brilliant new technology.

Forbes published a long profile of the MIT Scientist and his company, calling their invention “disruptive” and touting him as:

“One of those very smart people who manages to combine decency with relentless drive.”

But work still had to be done to reach perfection.

The first thing this company did was load up with some of the smartest engineers in the world. (Today, engineers currently make up 64 of the firm’s 78 employees.)

The next thing he did was secure as many patents as he could.

In fact, they’ve secured 58 patents so far, with another 200 pending.

That’s enough already to ensure they’ll have total domination of this $800 billion or more market.

Of course, there are still some market realities to face up to:

Realities such as the $1.2 trillion power industry that’s in no hurry to become a dinosaur at the hands of this tiny upstart.

Why wouldn’t the big utilities just squash this tiny company like a bug?

The answer: This amazing inventor’s company also built a team of brilliant business folks to form partnerships galore…

When you are trying to launch a new technology – then saturate the market with it – partners are make or break.

Getting manufacturers to adopt and include the technology in their products is a big, obvious hurdle.

In order for this tiny company’s charging units to see the light of day, it needs the device makers, the carmakers, the furniture companies, the big infrastructure developers, everyone, to say,

“Yes, we’ll OEM you!”

(i.e., we’ll add you to the factory spec)

Well, over the last 12 months, this young company has been adding these partners in spades!

And those dedicated to developing this technology have quickly grown to more than 100 – a Who’s Who of consumer product companies.

In fact, they’ve just inked a mega-manufacturer trifecta:

I’m talking about deals with three of the biggest multinational electronic contract manufacturers in the world including:

Pegatron – the $2.7 billion Taiwanese fabricator that builds many of the top brand desktop PCs and notebooks shipped around the world – all of which would need to be integrated with NanoCrystal Electricity receivers to work without plugs.

Foxconn Technology Group – the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world – including the world’s largest maker of iPhones…

And best of all…

Dialog Semiconductor – one of the world’s top chip designers, and Apple’s biggest supplier, who loved the new NanoCrystal Electricity technology so much that they ponied up $25 million in exchange for manufacturing rights.  

Soon after this deal was revealed, Dialog unveiled a vast set of specs for its dozens of multinational clients to start dialing in this exciting technology.

Bottom line: With this trifecta, the game is on!


These giant electronics firms are already setting the specs for NanoCrystal Electricity in future productions runs.


That’s why, we could soon be looking at a global rollout of unprecedented proportions.

Now, of course, not every electronic device will be charged by this new power… off the bat.

Conservatively, let’s say that only one in five electrical items will have NanoCrystal Electricity on board…

That’s still 10 billion units!

And let’s say NanoCrystal Electricity units sell for as little as $2 a piece for small items… with prices running to $300 for larger items with greater charging needs.

And if you average out these prices – figuring that most of the sales will be for the $2 units, you’re looking at $60 billion in revenue over several years…

That kind of revenue knocking on the door of a small-cap stock means one thing:

Katy bar the door and Molly tap the keg – because this stock is set to shoot the moon.

Now, if I’m sounding a little Wild West to you, here’s why:

There is a wide-open field of opportunity before us. 

Now is the time to take this new energy VERY SERIOUSLY.

As we speak, this tiny Silicon Valley firm is rushing to get their NanoCrystal Electricity technology fully adopted.

They already have the three biggest multi-national manufacturer of electronics and chips on notice…

Including Dialog Semiconductor, which has ponied up $25 million as a partner.

If that isn’t a promise that this is going to happen any day now, nothing is.

But it gets even more exciting.

The company just announced they are currently working on integrating their remarkable technology with 56 other tech firms.

This is just the beginning of a massive roll-out.

Once their RF Technology begins to spread into the next product cycle, it could create hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

And their stock price could go from single digits per share to triple digits.

That’s why you have to jump on this now to get in at the right time – before the green light hits and this company soars.

What the Technology Adoption Curve Tells Us

Back when Edison’s electricity won out in the marketplace, it took 40 years for most homes in America to get electrified. Things moved slower then…

In the next wave of technology – the one that brought us the color TV, the microwave, and VCR – it took only 20 years for most homes to have these things…

Next along were computers, cell phones, and the internet – and mass-market adoption only took 15 years…

Now, with NanoCrystal Electricity… based on the long-term trend and the short-term activity… we should see mass adoption in as little as five years.

Accelerating the profits for investors… who get the timing right.

Right now, this investing opportunity is shaping up brilliantly – because the company is still a small-cap stock. It’s still early in the adoption curve…

You can get into it before the run-up that’s inevitable… when just about everyone will be using these products… because they’re included in as many as 10 billion products across dozens of industries.

I expect it’s only a couple quarters from product sales taking off.  

Check out these numbers on the revenue forecast.

I’ve gone ahead and forecasted just how much money this little company stands to make on its way to growing massive – based on all the information…

Now, there’s always risks in investing, of course. But I’ve taken pains to get this as accurate as I can…

And here’s a summary of my findings:

This tiny firm is about to have a sales bonanza!

  1. I added up the cash major industries are targeting for NanoCrystal Electricity. This includes electronic devices, electric cars, medical, military, and retail.
  2. I then estimated that this company locks-in a minimum of 20% of it all...
  3. For over $5 billion in revenue potential over the next couple years.

Since this company is only three years old with only $4 million in sales so far, that translates into a 125,091% increase in revenues…

A 125,091% increase! And what could that do for the stock price?

Meaning this stock could pay out 78 times your money.

And not over the next decade – over the next two to three years.

But this profit window will be under pressure to close.

We’re already seeing the smart money beginning to circle. In just the last reporting period, 14 hedge funds piled in with major positions, including Wells Fargo, which raised its position by 223%! Bank of New York Mellon Corp. also just loaded up in shares totaling nearly $1 million.

Look, I’ve been in Silicon Valley for 34 years. And I can tell you big mainstream banks like Wells Fargo and Mellon don’t load up that much money into a new technology unless they see it as a sure thing.

They’re jumping in now before the big announcement is made. You see…


Any week now – the FCC is expected to make the major announcement that could send this tiny company’s stock through the roof – and make a fast fortune for investors.


A green light on their NanoCrystal Electricity is expected any day now from the FCC.

And when it comes, as we fully expect, it will set the stage for one of the biggest manufacturing crazes in a century…

Which is why it’s decision time. One thing is certain in investing, especially in tech:

The big money is not made well into the boom when everyone is reading about it and using it and benefitting from it. 

The big money is made from having the foresight to invest when the $37.2 billion in new spending is still ahead… for a shot at $78,000 gains.

And that’s just from a $1,000 stake… 

With a little more to invest, you could be asking yourself…

“How should I spend my first million?”

Of course, there’s never any guarantees in the markets, or that the announcement will pan out the way I expect. And this is a small stock. Which means it could experience some very serious volatility as their technology rolls out.

So it’s not a stock you’ll want or even need to put a major stake on.

You could experience massive gains with even a tiny investment.

No matter what you choose to do, the time for action is now. So I’ve gone ahead and prepared – for immediate release today – 1,000 copies of a special report called… 

The Company Riding The NanoCrystal Electricity Revolution For a 125,091% Revenue Windfall

And I want to send this (very profitable) report to you immediately after this presentation… because with a green light coming from the FCC any day now, there’s no time to waste.

And in a moment, I’d like to rush you a free copy of this report – that reveals everything.

It’s yours at no cost just for accepting…

A 100% No-Risk invitation to join Nova-X Report.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been in Silicon Valley for over 30 years and have been fortunate to be part of some of the most lucrative investment opportunities in history.

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In June of 2013, I alerted readers that the time to get into this digital currency had arrived.

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At that time, Bitcoin was trading for $90.

Bitcoin skyrocketed 1,192% over the five months that followed.

It peaked at $1,163. Today, it’s trading for over $4,000 a coin! 

People from across the country have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Many are even banking millions.

I look at investing in NanoCrystal Electricity today just like I did Bitcoin back then.

I believe it gives you the chance to become a millionaire.

There was also Rare Earth Metals – which I was one of the first to recognize in terms of their profit potential.

I personally knew the advisors and board members of many rare earth mining companies.

This allowed me to target four specific firms – Rare Elements Resources Ltd., Avalon Rare Metals Inc., Quest Rare Minerals, and Great Western Minerals Group.

Together, they delivered 990% total gains in only 16 months.

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NanoCrystal Electricity is going to make our soldiers faster, stronger, and safer.

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One recent report estimated that on a typical 72-hour mission, soldiers carry seven types of batteries weighing over 20 pounds!

Think about how much faster, stronger, and more nimble U.S. soldiers will be with NanoCrystal Electricity technology.

GPS units, voice and datacomms, illumination devices like night vision goggles – you name it – all will power on and on and on and on.

No need to carry all those batteries anymore.

And it’s not just the soldiers’ equipment. 

Tanks, Jeeps, and supply trucks will be able to power automatically – creating a supply route that will never stop. 

Drones and radar systems will never need new batteries.

Lives will be saved.

The military will have new renewable power solutions, including NanoCrystal Electricity power right on the base, keeping all of the military’s advanced electronics systems ready to go…

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January 2018